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Who is she, fish - a dragon ? Experts on the fan - Shui approve

- water is one of the most powerful energiya and symbolizes wealth. And if, let us assume, to get an aquarium, by the way, a wealth symbol, to put it in the place of concentration of wealth, to get in it is mute small fishes who in turn already in itself personify wealth moreover not some, and bringing wealth . Here this wealth has to cover with an avalanche, at least!!!

Hugo`s inhabitants - east Asia sincerely trust in these signs. In these countries it is seldom possible to meet office of the enterprise or shop without aquarium. And as you understand, fish is found in them not ABBA what, and with " value;! Most often it happens APOBAHA - the strongest fish on the fan - Shui possessing positive power - fish who brings to the owners peace and harmony, and, above all, success in financial affairs, prosperity and wealth.

Such small fish costs expensive. Some adult copies - those in general are estimated at tens of thousands of dollars. I speak about the Asian (red) arovena now - the most expensive fish of the world. This small fish is considered an endangered species and therefore her trade is allowed in extremely limited quantity. On reaching teenage age to red arovana implant the microchip containing all information on her in a body, beginning from date of birth and the place of cultivation to a name of a razvodchik and all its family tree. And as you understand, its owner needs to have the certificate on such natatorial pet surely.

In such countries as Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia is considered prestigious to contain a red arovana, besides it more than eloquently speaks about a solvency of her owner. Thanks to more and more extending art the fan - Shui, the fashion on arovan is observed now and at us.

But not all such small fishes bringing good luck are as expensive as a red arovana. There are copies and more simply . Let them be not so rare and exotic, let them do not cost thousands of dollars and they do not need documents at all, but all this does not belittle their advantages at all. Perhaps, the most available type of an arovana - it is southern - the American (silver) arovana. Besides, unlike the fellows, it is extremely plastic fish, the flexibility reminding a snake, with the slow, bewitching the grace movements.

Perhaps, it will seem to someone improbable, but an arovana very unpretentious fish in contents. The most important - to provide it a spacious aquarium, it is desirable from 200, and it is even better from 300 liters. In aquariums of the smaller size (only, of course, within limits), it is possible to support this fish too, but in this case already adult individual will be much less the age-mates. Arovana prefers temperature of +24 - 28 degrees. It is also necessary to change part of water in an aquarium of times a week.

This fish - the predator therefore she prefers to a dry feed live and eats with pleasure small fishes, small butterflies, crickets and even frogs. One of the most favourite delicacies of an arovana are shrimps. Equipping an aquarium, it is necessary to remember some features of this small fish. Arovana lives in the top sheets of water therefore aquarium depth is not important for her - it can be and superficial. And here it is obligatory to cover an aquarium or glass since in the nature of an arovan, hunting for production, quite often jumps out of water, overtaking the victim in air. In an open aquarium such jump can end with death of a small fish.

In the neighbourhood practically all rather large and nonaggressive fishes get on with arovany. The same who by the sizes are located with it in a mouth are exposed to risk to be eaten. And here you should not keep a little arovan in one aquarium. They will surely fight that not in the best way will affect their appearance.

It is considered that the arovana possesses intelligence rudiments. For example, it distinguishes the owners from foreign people. At approach of the stranger of an arovan behaves very uneasily, is nervous, rushes about on an aquarium. And here from the owner`s hands quietly a beret of sterns!

The arovan should tell, keep in an aquarium at home - it is a pleasure! At the correct contents and good feeding your small fish will reach 20 - 30 - the centimetric size already for half a year. Also the arovana possesses enviable longevity - such copies which lived till 50 years met! The silver arovana lives in bondage, on average, 7 - 10 years that there is a lot of for inhabitants of an aquarium. In a word, getting an arovana, you will buy not just aquarian small fish. She will become for you the favourite pet with the habits, whims and character! And who knows, maybe good luck will smile to you?!

Especially choosy readers, most likely, ask a question now: And yes here Fish - the Dragon ? . And you look at an arovana! I will note only that such name was thought up it in China. And appearance of this small fish, I think, speaks for himself!