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What stars happen and how to take control of them?

the Star - multidimensional concept, and presently that is only not called this loud word.

From the point of view of science, and it, strangely enough, in this case the most popular belief, a star - a celestial body which the person looking from Earth sees as the small shining point; the mass of substance in the Universe; plasma sphere...

Each person dreams to have the star called by his name! - so slogans of the companies which are engaged in sale of names of brilliant points in the night sky say. It is offered to you to present no more, no less - a star (!) to or the relatives / acquaintance / colleagues / etc. You will even be given all documents confirming your right to call a certain space weight by the name. This, if one may say so, the piece of paper will not have only any official value. You receive for the spent money only a sheet of paper which will cost you absolutely, to put it mildly, not cheap. Any of the organizations suggesting to you to spend terribly earned savings for acquisition of a star has no right to turn your dream in reality. Only the International astronomical union gives names to stars (and that generally in figures) so mine to you council - invest your means more reasonably. If you do not trust me, on MAS website you can read everything that interests you on the matter. In the section FAQ there are entertaining answers to the questions arising at consumers.

And you know that it maniac ? The maniac - the falling star. The maniac always is on a silver platter on that yard where the maiden lost innocence; in its look evil spirits and the Fiery Dragon visit the grieving widows or lonely women at whom husbands went to far-away countries on earnings. Still say as if it damned people wander, and they wander from place to place until are forgiven . (Grushko E. A., Medvedev Yu. M. Russian legends and legends.) Isn`t that so strange?.

Stars, as a rule, are also associated at us with military ranks. The five-beam kind of such symbol called in Ancient Greece a pentagram designated protection and defense, force and fortress of spirit. Not without reason at archeological excavations its image was found on coins, on doors of antique houses, sheds and even on children`s cradles. In such form it was applied also by druids - a pervasive caste of the priests personifying public consciousness of ancient cults of Gallia, Britain, Ireland. It the five-pointed star by the second name - a druidsky cross is obliged to them. At the time of Great French revolution five-pointed stars were perceived as a symbol of the god of war of Mars. Soon from a decorative element they turned into the identification mark showing a rank of this or that commander of the French army. So the five-pointed star became a material element of sign function of military clothes. From now on also its distribution as purely military symbol in many armies of the world " begins;. (Borisov V. A. Breastplates of the Soviet armed forces). Shod five-pointed asterisks appeared on epaulets of the Russian officers and generals in 1827 (at the time of Pushkin!) .

So means, you want a star? Forward - in army, if you the man! To the second lieutenant one is given, and serve to starleya - it is necessary to drink a glass of vodka (as dedication) already with three!

Now military signs of distinction from gold became a subject of excessive demand of specialized shops: they are bought as a gift to friends or relatives, most often - in connection with receiving the next military rank. One small asterisk will cost you approximately $15; big colonel`s is twice more expensive.

Since 1999 - go years expression Stars on shoulder straps gained one more value - there was a Club cheerful and resourceful Leagues of law enforcement agencies of Ukraine. Every year on the eve of a holiday of defenders of Fatherland the capital of Ukraine accepts students and cadets of higher educational institutions of law enforcement agencies on a humour Festival. Here to you and one more way: just call something a star - and it is always with you.

The star is as well the ornament favored at awards of the highest degrees; and a white spot on a forehead of a horse or cow; and a starfish - one of marine animals. So you have a set of options and chances to become the owner at least of one star: to ask at the grandfather with the grandmother (regarding to wear ) ; to inspect collective-farm herd (to redeem); to go on the South (and you will have a rest, and in any souvenir stall buy). And if started talking about rest, then to you it is necessary to go in a pursuit of stars to tourist travel with accommodation at n - stars hotel.

A star - also one of cards of system of Taro. It symbolizes a stream of thoughts, is a sign of hope, fidelity, success in any enterprise, installs feeling of rest and belief in the forces, promises pleasant surprises, finding of the unexpected help, new friendship, love. Make the corresponding purchase in esoteric shop, and you will be able to press star to a breast, and at the same time you will tell fortunes or you will play with friends cards.

Factory of stars - it is an opportunity for young talents to prove, find the place in a musical sky. It, of course, on the fan and it is possible to explain here. Though, maybe, this - your option.

In the sky it is not enough stars, but it it does not matter,

Here almost in each house is and not one -

is sung by Vyacheslav Petkun. So each of us - a star. You want confirmation? Lay down on a floor, stretch hands and legs, and let your friends will draw around you a star contour - believe, you will perfectly fit in. And besides remember how all of us in the childhood addressed in kindergarten or at home relatives with various sketches and recitation. Still there were doubts? Drive them!

I wish you Udach in your sky.