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Who such editor and how to fall in love with him?

the Cable column are the well edited tree.

(V. Ivanov?)

Editors are different: html - editors, text, graphic, audio and other. Today we will talk about the editor - the person on whom the embodiment of your creativity in some way depends.

Obviously, you can have a question: for what to fall in love with this absolutely foreign person who can even appear one with you a floor? To answer this question, it is necessary to understand what the profession of the editor is and what potential this individual has.

The editor - the person preparing the author`s material for the publication; it is the last barrier between the author and the reader. He edits, i.e. corrects - governs - does correctly; but it is correct from the point of view of the editor. And his opinion can not coincide with yours at all.

Here you wrote article. You worked on it, processing material and putting heart and soul, rejoiced to its emergence. And suddenly it is returned. Mai preshes! - you exclaim, from outside reminding the mad hobbit, and begin to ask nervously and angrily questions:

Why this person corrects what I wrote? Yes who is in general such? Why I have to reckon with his opinion? I wrote article! I consider that it is so correct! Same my thoughts, but not it! If to make as he speaks, then all this will spoil. Etc. Postoyte`s

whether not too there is a lot of I ? The big self-conceit can do much harm to the person.

In - the first, try to calm down. Just tell yourself stop also stop thinking about I . You can sigh more deeply, drink tea with mint (calms), to walk on the apartment, examining a situation. Also you drive, you drive negative thoughts. It is not terrible if together with them something else leaves the head: what needs to remain - will remain.

In - the second, let`s try to look at an event soberly. Or you got the editor - the idiot, or your work is insufficiently good. In the first case you can easily relieve yourself of further claims from its party, having found yourself other place for printing. In the second case you should listen to opinion of the stranger though all of you equally can just find other place.

If you do not know how to arrive, read article of the famous writer Svyatoslav Loginov Good " editor;. There in detail, with names, names and various examples it is described, than the person with the loud name " initially was engaged; " editor; and what it does now and also what editors and the principles " are; editings . Recognize the editor!

If after that you decided to remain, then present how it is interesting and as raznostoronen the person discussed by us, he not only corrects typographical errors and all grammatical inaccuracies, but also has to define whether information which is contained in materials is right.

Besides, the good editor (and from bad you left) will not begin to make change if in it there is no need, he knows what about same can be written absolutely differently, and respects an author`s manner to express the thoughts. He will make correction only if it is sure that thanks to it your material will become better.

Work of editors, good or bad, always causes rejection of authors. Actually good editors and authors conduct peaceful co-existence. Good authors are even grateful for the fact that they corrected their grammatical flaws and checked - figures and the facts.

Summing up the result, I will notice, you have three options:

1. To accept criticism as the positive phenomenon and to follow advice and requirements of the editor.

2. Not to bother concerning remarks of the editor and to follow advice and requirements of it.

3. Not to bother concerning remarks of the editor and to find other place where your literary trash will be printed in such look in what you will give it.

Following the first option, you will be able to become the good writer (you left the bad editor). Having chosen the second option - you will eternally stand on one place and as a result impose hands either on yourself, or on the editor. In the third case your nepravlenny texts can lead to crash of the printing edition if claims of the previous editor were objective, or you are really talented person and at first just appeared in the place, improper for yourself.

You remember a precept: fall in love with the editor, as well as he loves you. I wish you Udach creativity and the creative relations at the front.