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What is: it is smeared, but not " oil;?

In old soveysky times there was such joke. In one scientific research institute scientists contracted to create excrement oil. And when in a year they were asked about results of work, they answered that they achieved great success. However, the received product yet not oil, but is already smeared. It seems that now they, at last, achieved the. About twenty years ago, when we pulled out oil from the refrigerator, it was firm, it was impossible to smear it and if put on a hot frying pan, then it quietly melted. Now all not so. You will extract oil from the refrigerator, and it all the same soft though at once on bread smear, you will throw on a frying pan, and one zilch leaves it, it does not suit for frying at all.

So in what business? And the matter is that it is absolutely different products which are let out under similar names. Butter both was, and remained oil. But there were so many its various substitutes, substitutes and just counterfeits what to be deceived as easy as shelling pears. If earlier in shops, except usual, creamy, it was possible to see occasionally 3 - 4 more grades of oil, then now at sale there are not less than one hundred " oils;. In any case, in the next supermarket I counted sixty three various packings. And it in spite of the fact that the requirement of the butter industry for milk is satisfied only for 20 - 25%.

By conservative estimates, to 90% from them with butter have nothing in common. For example, praised Oil soft Rural . At best it is margarine or " oils; made of vegetable raw materials. Also they are called soft lungs special and so on. It is absolutely new type of production which is not relating neither to butters, nor to margarine.

The confusion with names allows producers to give the products for traditional cow oil, to overstate the prices of them and to get high profits. But it only first. Too sharply such oils appeared in our market. For want of habit and does not come to our mind to read makhonky small letters on a label. And the main thing exactly there is specified. I specially checked, and did not find packing where the oil origin would not be mentioned: from genuine cow`s milk it, from margarine, or from vegetable fats. However, it is cunning specified. Here before me packing with " oil; Original . It is largely written " oil;. Average font, but red letters, " butter; and absolutely small black small letters - margarine soft low-calorie .

Practically on one label it is not deciphered what vegetable raw materials were used. And it is important too. Coconut oil is useful, its additive does a product dietary. And peanut butter can cause an allergy. And, if God forbid, animal, say, seal fat is used, you fine fill up cholesterol reserves in the organism. However, where on all to take seals? However, seal scandal concerns only import oils. At us, as a rule, use vegetable raw materials.

New products let out according to TU (specifications). But exactly here deception is concealed too. On a label you will not specify everything, and THAT each enterprise develops the. And products, with seemingly identical indicators, can be absolutely different. So pay attention also to the producer of oil.

And here if on a label there is no instruction on an oil origin, or his producer, his address is not specified, or not the certificate of conformity of quality - that is an obvious counterfeit, and in it can be anything. And it is dangerous. And the label so far not really - that rescues from an arbitrariness of unfair producers. What is only not added to oil though in soft though in creamy! But add to soft for certain.

Pay attention to periods of storage of oil. If on a label period of storage of half a year till two years is specified moreover storage temperature - before you oil with preservatives is not specified, and not all preservatives are equally useful.

The choice for you. You as want, and I choose soft oil. But it is careful.