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How to choose electronic payment service provider?

that day when all tovarno - monetary operations in our life can be made is Already near, without coming off the home computer. Says about it at least the fact that it is already more electronic payment service providers working on the Internet, than fingers on hands.

On open spaces of the Russian Internet the most visited services of electronic payments are WebMoney, Yandex. Money and russko - the Ukrainian RUPAY system.

WebMoney - probably, the most popular Russian payment service provider. She allows the registered user to get unlimited number of virtual purses in various currency - in rubles, dollars, euro, and also the Ukrainian hryvnias and Uzbekistan sum. The virtual purse represents a combination of a Latin letter, unique within system, and several figures. For carrying out payments it is necessary to install the special &ndash program on the computer; WebMoney Keeper though it is possible to work also via the browser.

Actually WebMoney - money can be put in virtual purses, having bought special WM - cards, having made a bank transfer or having exchanged your cash on virtual in some exchange offices, and also WM - money to you somebody can transfer from other virtual purses and systems if he wants, of course :).

And what to spend the Internet for - coins yes of a banknote - it case second. Electronic payments are accepted by all main Russian companies of mobile communication, many the Internet - providers and owners of systems of commercial television. The Internet - shops is more and more and travel companies pass on paperless ways of calculations. By means of WM - money it is possible to get legal consultation, to be insured, subscribe for periodicals - you will not list everything. The currency between purses if necessary can be exchanged in virtual exchange offices, having chosen an optimum course. At last, it is easy to turn virtual money back into usual, having made transfer into account in bank. For carrying out any payment operation it is enough to specify number of a purse - the recipient and the sum. Between purses in equal currency and money transfer in bank the system will take the small commission for any transfers - 0,8%, from the one who transfers money. Developers of service pay much attention to safety of payments - all connections when carrying out financial operations in system are reliably ciphered.

Systems of Yandex. Money and RUPAY is slightly simpler, than WebMoney, their websites offer convenient opportunities for work via the browser, without installing additional programs. Yandex. Money operates only with Russian rubles, and RUPAY - US dollars. For the rest they work similar to the WebMoney system unless differ in percent of the commission charges raised for operations a little. Websites of services of Yandex. Money and RUPAY also offer a set of ways to place funds for the Internet - accounts and to spend your blood virtual.

All transferred systems possess one essential shortcoming - they do not allow to make calculations on the foreign websites. To have such opportunity, it is necessary to get the account in one of the foreign payment service providers available to the Russian users, for example E - Gold or MoneyBookers and to transfer money to them from the same WebMoney or Yandex. Money. It can be made in virtual exchange offices, which on the Internet there is a lot of. It is interesting that E - Gold for storage of means uses not money, and precious metals, and calculations are conducted in virtual grams.

Use electronic money is an easy and economic way if there is a need to transfer money to Russia from - for a boundary. Even when using a sheaf from two payment service providers, foreign and Russian, the sum of all commission charges does not exceed 5 - 7 percent from the initial sum. It, obviously, is more favorable, than to transfer money, say, through Western Union where the payment for a transfer can make 20% and more if the sum is transferred small.

But nevertheless main convenience of electronic payment service providers - in non-cash payment of goods and services. Now, when the account on my mobile phone begins to approach threateningly zero, I do not run at top speed to office of my operator or to the next booth behind a payment card, and just I find the index of a mouse WebMoney Keeper icon.