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How to distinguish good caviar from bad?

of Substandard caviar sell much. The statistics shows that nearly a third of the trading enterprises expose " caviar on counters; semifresh . Just right at once to send the tenth part of the sold caviar to a garbage can.

How to distinguish good caviar from bad? Here in that is continually that so far caviar in bank, it is almost impossible to define its quality unless bank it will be blown up. The matter is that with rare exception illegal producers use the same container and the same marking, as lawful.

If caviar is packed into a glass jar, pay attention to its consistence. Caviar should not be poured in it from end to end. If you buy caviar in big (0,5 l) a can, ask the seller to uncover with it. Caviar has to be raised over edge banks, its surface has to be equal and dry, on internal part of a cover there should not be stuck berries.

It is by weight better not to buy caviar at all. And if was impatient - surely try. Berries have to be elastic and friable. Caviar should not be neither sour, nor bitter, nor too dry, nor liquid. If you opened a jar, and the musty, putrefactive smell hits into a nose - such caviar is it is impossible.

The product is more expensive, the more often it is forged.

And in holiday days it is possible to run into counterfeit caviar which in general caviar is not but only it is similar to it easily.

Such " caviar; make of zheleobrazuyushchy substances, for example, of alginic acid, with addition of salt, food additives and dyes.

To do it as easy as shelling pears and its prime cost is incredibly low. For production of kilogram (!) counterfeit black caviar it is necessary on the twenty of herring, milk, gelatin and salt. For an hour in primitive house conditions it is possible to crack three kilograms of black balls. And everything, it is possible to flog in stalls, cafes and other doubtful institutions.

How to make sure that caviar - artificial? If a glass jar, it is possible to see that caviar is as if covered with hoarfrost. Berries are dissolved in hot water. Grains too firm. Well and taste repugnant.

To get poisoned with low-quality caviar as easy as shelling pears. Every year, at least, several people buy for blood very doubtful entertainment. A year ago on border between Russia and Ukraine it was destroyed more half tones of illicit caviar at once. The reason - in packings was found a salmonella. Very often in caviar there are causative agents of botulism.

Illegal, illicit, well, illegal caviar about 90% of the general production are made. Shadow structures only of the Caspian states make every year 200 - 300 tons of black caviar. Cases when caviar was secretly transported in coffins, and, in documents and " are known; dead man and shipper 200 there was the same person.

A few years ago in Irkutsk there was a scandal story at all. In the local market sold red caviar in bezuprechnoyzavodsky packing. 8000 cans. Here only instead of caviar in them there were beautiful plastic balls.

But we will not be about sad. Try a fresh ikorka better. The most widespread dish with caviar (except for trivial sandwiches) are pancakes. Especially for Maslenitsa. I give retseptik:

At first bake pancakes. How? Get the hostess, she will make. Small cut red sweet onions, fennel and other greens who that loves. Miss the mark pancakes with oil and wrap in them greens, pieces of red fish, it is desirable smoked, and gradually calves. Sprinkle all this lemon juice, cut each pancake in half, swallow saliva and give on a table.