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Why to us always not only that we have?

you are ready to agree with this expression? I think that yes. Most often we zapoluchat the desired girl or the guy, but we always look around, in hope for what from - for a corner will be turned out by the prince on a white horse or we will come across the got lost Paris Hilton or Britney Spears. Also you should not deny it, we are always not satisfied with what has already been achieved.

In work we reach certain heights and all the same we try to show and prove to be from the best party to hold higher post or situation in society.

There are many people which just do not take out loneliness which lack the constant guy or the girl, darling well or as a last resort just nice person. Why many cannot live any day alone? Begin the new relations, without having understood themselves, without having received answers to questions which remained in the past, in the last relations. And when to analyze the acts and acts of the former beloved? There is no time. Why to spend time for silly reflections and reasonings, itself can find the new partner of life in a disco. To spend with it free time and to derive the mass of pleasure. And in what pleasure, that we pursue the new relations, not love, namely entertainment? What can be love if we grab the new person, as for a straw. We try to throw everything that we had, to forget the old relations, to leave all baggage which was gathered in antecedents. We jump in the leaving train and we hope that it will bring us to new and light life.

Most of young guys trifle too of the serious relations. Entering the relations, they think that always itself can leave and bring the new beloved. Than such relation to " is bad; to the love games ? Perhaps, most of guys, thus, choose future soulmate. Or try to be in time everywhere and to know who better in this world, blondes, brunettes, ryzhenky, Maidens, Lions or Fishes. Options much also itself should choose the most interesting and suitable for 100%.

Girls are even more artful, quicker and more cunning in love labyrinths though they are confused in them and Sashakh, Zhenyakh, Serezhakh cannot understand the. Today a huge number of girls have neither one, nor two, but three and more guys. If to try to ask why to it it is so much guys, at you will look, how at the person, nothing understanding life. Sasha drives at cinema, Zhenya carries on hands, and the Ear ring presented a huge plush hare, well how to choose from them? I cannot decide today what to do to me. I will think over it " tomorrow; - typical thoughts young, about anything not caring girl. And as it is possible to choose if all of them are nice boys and pay to me much attention.

Many outgrow such relations, but there are also sad examples when we have around ourselves a huge number of boyfriends and potential brides, but we cannot find the unique and unique darling.

Why many advise when you finish the serious relations, to sort them on particles, and then to put in a uniform picture for what it? Only to take a detached view of all this, to draw certain conclusions, to understand what you made not correctly. To agree with itself, to accept that you were not right in concrete situations, to try to change and enter the new relations more skilled and to develop them as you consider it necessary.