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Who such seller?

at the time of general deficiency work of the seller was considered rather prestigious, and as then spoke, criminal . And it was natural, an opportunity to get scarce products and things opened many doors and removed an array of problems, at communication with petty officials. Than also unfair workers used.

By the way, them was not so much as it is considered to be. The profession of the seller was exposed to constant attacks from satirists. Gradually there was a stereotype of the seller as very cunning, crafty and unscrupulous subject ready to deceive any if it makes profit. Rough, poorly educated and it is constant in stale clothes, here an image of the seller which was spread, generally thanks to work of satirists and humorists. Though actually it, to put it mildly, not absolutely was true. As a rule, sellers graduated from specialized schools or technical schools, and were, even for those times general literacy, rather educated people. And the institute of trade was considered as one of the most prestigious higher education institutions of the country. Of course, as well as in any field of activity, there were also problems, but they were an exception to the rules, than the rule rather.

began Then reorganization, and with arrival of the market also the seller changed. Due to disorder of the industry, people, earlier never the ideas which were engaged in trade, and not having how difficult this business, work in a counter began to come to trade. Many common truths they had to rediscover, study the correct communication with the buyer. And what turned out? Rough, poorly educated, in constantly stale apron or a dressing gown. Here a recent image of the seller behind a counter. And it is not an invention of humorists and satirists, but reality which we observed every day (and now still we observe) in the markets and in some shops.

And just now, in the last five - six years, situation began to change for the better. The new image of the seller began to appear. It is always benevolent, ready to help smiling, beautifully and purely dressed person behind a counter. At least, to it everything goes. And the contingent of sellers strongly changed, the profession strongly looked younger if earlier middle age varied from 30 to 40 years, then now it was displaced on a mark 20 - 30 years. Only it is also necessary to rejoice that, we buyers, began to be served so well.

But this medal has also a reverse side if earlier conversation on roughness and rudeness went only concerning the seller, then now there is a strange, at first sight, picture. Now more and more conversation comes about rudeness and roughness of buyers! That is, than the seller becomes more benevolent, especially on - the buyer boorishly behaves. It was even given the special name: consumer extremism.

With what it can be connected? Reasons, in my opinion, a little. It and an echo of that transition period when casual people in trade just accustomed the buyer that without shout you will achieve nothing. And dishonesty of some suppliers selling low-quality, and often, just defective goods forcing to adopt more and more tough laws on settlement of such disputes. But behind all this, it is somehow forgotten that behind a counter there are same people, as well as we.

And now, as well as many years ago, we are tried to be assured that the seller is guilty of everything. If earlier this position was it is possible to tell, is favorable to the state when all mistakes " were shifted to shoulders of the seller; planned managing, it was also possible not to let out more and more qualitatively, and to tell that it is the unfair and angry seller everything hid under a counter that to us did not get, now it is absolutely clear that it is favorable to the same producers that the seller, but not the producer was responsible for their substandard goods. And a lot of things have to change that the profession of the seller became " again; prestigious and without any quotes. And it is necessary to begin, in my opinion, with elementary respect, and mutual, the people standing on different sides of a counter.