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How to help the child with fight against excess weight?

in the world about 7% of adults have Now obesity. And it is about 250 million people. In China and Japan 15% of the population, in Germany, Great Britain and Russia - about 50 - 54%, in the USA - 61% are subject to obesity. Excessive completeness strikes both women, and men, and is frequent - already at children`s age. So, for example, in the EU 400 thousand children having obesity increase every year. In total the grown fat schoolboys in the European Union more than three million.

With what it is connected? When there are first problems with excess weight and how to help the kid to get rid of them?

The Missouri university came to a conclusion that excess weight is got more often by those children who eat together with the parents less often and more often watch TV.

Within experiment, divided 8 thousand experimental children into three groups. The first those who grew fat already in kindergarten entered, the second - the schools which grew fat in initial classes, the third - the children who kept normal figures throughout all this time.

As it appeared, children with a healthy weight watch TV 2 hours smaller, than thick (in a week - 14 hours against 16 - ti).

Besides, full children play on the street less often.

Third factor of obesity: quantity and quality of all-family meals. What more often the child eats together with parents, especially " with; healthy it consumes food. Absence of parental society leads to the fact that the child prefers to consume sweets ( " junk food;), but not, for example, vegetables ( " healthy food;) .

The European Union seriously undertook health of children in all 27 states entering into this alliance. For this reason the plan according to which since January 1, 2008 fruit and vegetables on tables in school cafeterias of the European Union will be free is developed. A total cost of the plan - 8 million euros. But already today from tables in the British school cafeterias saltcellars and bottles with ketchup and mayonnaise disappeared. Seasonings are given only in bags for one portion. Such is the future and all European school cafeterias.

And what is advised to do our, Russian nutritionists? For a start they recommend to know risk group well.

So, the child is inclined to completeness if:

parents have obesity or excess body weight;

relatives have (or suffered) diabetes or other endocrine pathology;

at children observes excess body weight (over 14 kg from norm);

the baby was early transferred to artificial feeding (especially unbalanced high-calorific mixes);

the child was born premature or weighed at the birth very little;

hereditary diseases and endocrine pathology are.

What parents need to remember first of all? to Change

a situation in a family, in tenor of life. To exclude food temptations, an opportunity to consume excess calories and to lead an inactive life.

Should limit visit of cafe, restaurants and institutions of a fast food.

needs to stop any sabotage from the loving grandmothers to whom, as a rule, it seems that the kid does not eat up.

If on a visit to the child came with sweets, it is possible to allow to eat, for example, one candy, to share the others with parents, friends etc. of

to Organize outdoor games.

The approximate volume of food of the child has to make: from 1 to 1,5 years standard daily rate (in ml) - 1210, single - 200 - 250. From 1,5 to 3 years - 1520 and 300, 3 - 5 years - 1700 - 1850 and 400, 6 - 7 years - 1900-2100 and 450 - 500.

The special attention should be paid also to a diet: it has to be 5 - more fractional meal - 6 - 7 times a day is recommended to single, and corpulent children. And, it is desirable at the same time. It is recommended to recede from constant time of meal no more than for 15 - 20 min.

at the same time products high-calorie, rich with animal fats and proteins (meat, fish, eggs) it is desirable to use in the first half of day. And for dinner to leave products which are easily acquired - dairy - vegetable.

If to say about what is not recommended at all, then it is semolina, pasta, white loaf. Till 3 years it is desirable to exclude: fat grades of meat, meat of a duck, goose, any sausages, sausages.

of Restriction extend to glazed cheese curds (no more than 1 - 2 piece a day, after 3 years), soft and processed cheeses, a fig, dates, raisin, grapes (grape juice), nuts, a persimmon and bananas.

And one more recommendation: products for kids need to be boiled, baked and extinguished. Fried - not earlier than 3 - x years.

And the most important recommendation - love the child! Be not for it karabasa - barabasa. As the American scientists established, children who are raised in the atmosphere of extreme severity and constant bans risk to gather extra kilos most. The risk of excess weight for such children by 5 times exceeds average values on their age group in the USA. But also at too compliant parents children also face problems of excess weight. So in everything the measure is necessary!