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Frank plagiarism or who steals lessons from School of Life?

are Not enough who likes to work. However to live, it is necessary to make efforts. Some carry out the duties assigned to them honestly, and some wish and to profit due to others work. In the sphere of journalism by means of such profit it becomes frequent plagiarism. The reluctance to strain brains, to think out subjects, to obtain information - so is such huge world dump stuff - the Internet! Tekstik good stole from there, put the name - and be healthy! And money in a pocket, and forces own were not lowered at all. And, above all, conscience does not torment at all. Though it, conscience, rolls in the angle of dirty edition, in the form of the crumpled newspaper, all in fat spots for a long time.

Well what, the hero - a plagiatchik, easy to get bread from others pocket? You all think that time open spaces of the Internet are extensive and confused, nobody ever will come across there the author`s material stolen by you? Eh, not for nothing say that all secret obvious will become

the Brotherly newspaper Fair plus goes on the blazed way of plagiarism. Probably, Shkolazhizni`s website got to edition once. ru, where ready material on thousands of issues of this newspaper. It is important that articles on the website are already well written, competently issued, generally, someone already worked, and we, so polopay!

And everything, maybe, would escape to the newspaper punishment if I was not a participant of the project Shkolazhizni. ru. The new articles published by authors are uploaded to the website, fresh materials are well noticeable for visitors. Plagiarists Fairs plus too are visitors of the website. They smartly choose the pleasant subject, copy article, and that already leaves with the name new author in several days.

Bright or as it is fashionable to speak now, glamourous name How it is correct to change? I noticed on the website not so long ago, but did not pay special attention. Did not turn until left Fair plus with the material entitled in accuracy also. Coincidence? I verified both articles. They were twin sisters.

All right, the hero of journalism, whistled material - go underground, do not put though the name, do not dishonor the remains of the crumpled conscience! But Fair finished me what on a strip with stolen article was written, I quote: Preparing material under the name How it is correct to change? ... and below a name of the author, and, about horror, even it (in this case it) coordinates!

There is a wish to cry: As it is not a shame! But, unfortunately, for lazy companions plagiarism - quite everyday occurrence. And the true author of article, Oksana Dobrikova from the city of Moscow, even does not suspect that she impudently appropriated her work certain Kym`s Link.