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How to go in the conditions of insufficient illumination?

of the Road in Russia represent places of large fighting battles. Depth of holes sometimes quietly reaches a half a meter, about width it is better to hold back in general. On not the main, domestic roads no more than 10 km/h are better to go, only this way it is possible to manage to notice a hole and to take actions for its detour. In general on unfamiliar roads in the cities which are not the main prospectuses it is necessary to go extremely carefully, without exceeding 40 km/h, otherwise it is possible to leave a suspension bracket on the road flat in appearance, or that it is worse to get, in accident. From fast driving and a hole the tire can blow up that guarantees uncontrollable drift, and it is good if without revolution.

Sometimes such surprises are waited also on the main roads if to consider that at night almost nothing is visible, and light of headlights lights only the small patch before wheels which gives nothing, except ascertaining of the fact that before you already a hole. Modern city lamps light so far as, happens that they are not also in mention.

As it is possible to go on such roads in the conditions of night?

Council quite simple: it is necessary to go on dimensions ahead of the going vehicle. Saw that were lit stop - signals? Without trying to understand what caused them, we press on a brake. Noticed that the car wagged to the right and then to the left? Means, any obstacle there, be ready to make the same maneuver. The same concerns also a sharp wave down - up, the pole or a hummock - is in that case better to brake slightly. This reception also well works also in the afternoon, holes often can be seen already just before itself, and so at you is couple of seconds to take the corresponding actions.

The distance between you and ahead of the going car has to make 2 - 3 seconds. It is defined simply: we mark a motionless reference point on a roadside and when ahead the going car passed it, we say: one thousand one, one thousand two. It will also be 2 seconds. Only after that you have to pass by cut-offs . It will be a safe distance which will give you big open spaces for actions on the road.

Rule on dimensions except city conditions, also well works in mountains in the conditions of darkness and not only. Having attached behind car, it is possible to go quietly, yours cover will collect all hummocks and potholes. There is only one subtlety: if the driver driving fell asleep, then you, following him, can take off for an abyss so you should not forget about care nevertheless. As they say, hope for god, but also not ploshay.

But how to be if ahead there is no car? It is necessary to observe the high-speed mode as, however, and always. And to choose optimum lighting as not always the driving beam outside the city limits gives the best review.

Good luck to you on our bumpy roads.