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How it is worth perceiving fashion?

Nobody undertakes to define precisely the period in the history of mankind on which there was a fashion. It constantly changed, but the attitude towards her remained the same - all this time the fashion was reflection of someone`s ideas which are forgotten also quickly for people, as well as become popular. The fashion existed many centuries, changing and developing together with mankind history. But, in spite of the fact that recently it became actually integral part of culture of society, some of its parties remain unclear. Many laws which seem obvious in life do not extend to fashion. For example, each of us knows that any thing or a form popular a few years ago, is much more fashionable, than that that lost relevance quite recently. Not for nothing speak: You Want to go in step with fashion - open the purse more often, and you want to go ahead of it - occasionally slightly open a grandmother`s chest .

But despite it when you try to imagine how many human efforts left on being in the fashion for all the time of its existence, involuntarily there is a question: Why millions of people continue to pursue this illusive and changeable ideal? It appears, the fashion managed to enter so strongly consciousness of society that actually merged with it, having become its part. And though today for each of certain circles of the people similar on interests and ideology, there is the fashion, its recognition almost became the rule of a good form. Only the person who is in the fashion can call progressive today, society got used to consider alien to people who completely reject his ideas.

But excessively it is so wrong to imitate fashion as far as and to ignore it. If to reject all excess words, then it is easy to define that any fashion is reduced to standards. And each of us is special, not similar it is more on anybody - all know that on the earth there are no two absolutely identical people. Therefore it is extremely unreasonable to sacrifice to fashion own originality. The fashion obliges to be such as everything, but at the same time, it is impossible to be such as everything, being oneself. About the one who treats fashion as to originality replacement with imitation, will never tell that it has a good taste. Besides, the people defining fashion often are guided only by own ideas and ideas of beauty, but not concepts of convenience, a practicality or relevance. Object of fashion can become almost anything, and it does not mean that even if it and will suit someone, then has to suit everything who see the purpose imitation it.

From fashion it is necessary to take only what does not cause an internal contradiction of an image, character and appearance, it is capable to emphasize favourably all advantages and to give to the image of elegance. To be elegant - that is to correspond to fashionable tendencies on own manners. To present itself to people around in the best possible light, it is necessary to construct reflection of internal shape in external, to find a thin side between compliance to fashion and identity.

At the end there is a wish to add only one - you should not serve fashion, let the fashion serves better for us!