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How to overcome a seasonal allergy?

If approximately at the same time years at you without the reason, special on that, strange cold suddenly begins if you sneeze without stopping, at you eyes scratch and water, in a throat tickles, all this is followed by cold, then at all and optional that you caught a cold! The number suffering from cyclic cold, sneezing and an itch in eyes, and on - scientific, from a seasonal allergy, or a pollinoz, grows with the menacing speed.

How to define that you were overtaken by this strange illness? The best way - to see the allergologist which will make analyses and will define the reasons of your indisposition. It is only independently possible to make several supervision, somehow:

- illness duration (cold has to pass for a week);

- repeatability in the same months, from year to year (if yes, most likely, you have that a seasonal allergy).

And here you have primordial Russian questions: who is guilty and what to do .

Guilty can be much: heredity, ecology, way of life and food separately or together.

at the same time most often rough reaction of our immune system is caused by pollen of various plants. On time when allergic reactions are shown, it is possible to define approximately what type of plants needs to be destroyed completely in all vicinities that you felt better:

- April - May - deciduous trees;

- May - June - coniferous trees;

- May - July - cereals;

- July - October - weeds.

More precisely the doctor will be able to define allergen, having made certain tests. The doctor will appoint also reception of certain medicines, their benefit is presented at the market now a huge set as preparations of old generation from which you will be sleepy, and rather safe means of new generation.

And couple more of recommendations which will help to feel better.

In - the first , it is necessary to improve a condition of the immune system readily to come to the period of a pollinoz. You will be helped with it by healthy nutrition and a way of life in general.

to In - the second , it is necessary to try to limit the contact with allergen, that is, pollen. It would be for this purpose ideal for the dangerous period to go to other climatic zone. Or at least to limit the stay in the fresh air and airing for hours when it is less pollen in air (and there is it early in the morning or after a rain) or to put on the person a gauze bandage which catches pollen before its contact with mucous a nose if you are not afraid that passersby will glance at you slantwise. Use of humidifiers and ionizers of air will help to feel slightly better, besides, according to much suffering pollinozy.

I do not self-medicate!