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What types of equestrian sport exist?

of the Gallop

Ippodromny test in which horses are forced to jump the most quick gallop of which they are only capable, on a distance about 1600 m. I will notice that in the nature of a horse more than 200 - 300 meters do not jump quick gallop, the nature did not count a horse on long distance. Therefore on jumps of a horse often die of cardiac arrest directly on a path, or from wild tension they break a leg or a backbone. Race horses do not live more than 3 - 5 years.

Is still stipl - chez - uphill battle. At the same time several tens jockeys and horses start on one path. That is, jumping, the horse, can get on not jumped or fallen horse, thus, the whole blockages are formed of corpses. This sport is very widespread in England, the local public probably very much loves bloody shows as they establish so difficult routes that from 50 starting often only 5 - 6 participants come back, and even it is less.

Special the attitudes towards the horses of equestrians and jockeys, and also their personal intellectual level, it is possible to notice in nicknames of horses. Appropriate them, however, at stud, but those who once worked at a hippodrome work there. So, I for the life met horses with the following names: An enema, Garibaldi, Hashish, Property, Snatch, Well-fad and so forth

the Hippodrome with beautiful tags, turnover of catastrophically huge capital and young women in hats we will reject

of Run. There are tens and hundreds of exhausted sick horses. More likely, foals - they get on a hippodrome at the age of 1,5 years, go to meat-processing plant in 3 - 4 years. The horse matures in 5 years.

It is one of types of an entertainment where still a foal (read: child) force to gather huge speed on a lynx (a pace such) that is absolutely unnatural. Thrust an unfortunate animal into a mouth special pieces of iron, chains, dilators and other rubbish.

Forgot to tell - the sadists who are engaged in races are traditionally called equestrians . And so these uncles are not limited to impact on a mouth of a horse. Though you understand that the mucous membrane is extremely sensitive. The lip was bitten? Here is one hundred times more painful to horses.

And so in addition, equestrians put on horses various eye flaps, earphones with strings. That is, the horse runs in the dark and silence, and before the finish all this is pulled off.

Still there are shprunta, martingales and other devices for maintenance of the head in necessary situation . That is, in situation the most inconvenient and painful for transition to gallop.

Well, the fashion existing at the moment and an esthetics of a running horse is still connected here.

There is a fashion on the lifted-up heads, on pripechatanny to a breast. It as to ladies is pleasant.

Of course, switches. The most various: with heavy heads, needles, a string, an electroshock etc. Here where the imagination of equestrians works with might and main.

Mass of lotions. Let`s tell, before running of grain of a horse it is rubbed with acetone and salt. To a switch the thin string is attached. During running, at most blow skin is unstitched, salt gets to a wound. Here too everything is clear. There is a lot of such lotions.

Traditionally races are carried out in so-called rocking chairs, there are races top. But the same sense - to force a horse to move at a trot with a gallop speed. Races are not considered as equestrian sport, and belong to the concept ippodromny tests . But it is not important.

At sadists there are always a lot of troubles, we will tell the equestrian, the jockey and the rider are different things when you confuse them, they take offense. But for me all one - a sadism in especially perverted form.

It is necessary to add continuous beatings to all that pain which is got by young horses at competitions during trainings, just in a stable. Plus disgusting conditions of keeping, from continuous standing and systematic beating and exhaustion during trainings, a horse begin to go crazy.

Generally they become isolated are afraid of people, eat the earth, gnaw the chamber. Cases when horses begin to be up against a blank wall are frequent, to be shaken on one place, for hours to shake the head, to swallow of air.

The Skidzhoring

the Phenomenon rather new and fantastically absurd - towage of the skier for a horse. The first official competitions passed on the road between Sankt about hundred years ago - Moritz and Shampfer. Since then this sport generally also practices in Switzerland. Also in a skidzhoring sometimes for the sake of an entertainment instead of horses deer are used. Coercion methods - classical, idiocy degree - raised.

Tests of the three

This sadistic team - the invention of our drunk coachmen also practices only in Russia. Such competitions are held on hippodromes and consist of two types: driving on the speed (arrivals of the three) and figured driving (some kind of dressage). Also the three usually roll the people during holidays, serve as prompt to the " program; Messages also are nearly a symbol of our country.

All counter this entertainment is that the average horse (radical) trots, and lateral (pristyazhny) gallop with brutally twisted necks. The same control facilities - pieces of iron and lotions.

Being in such team of a horse, constantly feel pain and inconvenience. Pristyazhnye in general very quickly fail (go to meat). At similar torture to horses to have also very quickly to jump and chew iron.

It is necessary to notice that process of chewing is badly compatible to intensive breath during run. Try to chew something, at the same time running round with the head fastened to a breast. Feelings not really? And to have to do to horses it for hours.

Sometimes trainings drag on very for a long time, and in general can forget to remove iron and with it it is necessary, to eat, drink and sleep.

It is possible to notice that almost all horses from a mouth have foam (saliva). Horsemen - athletes are practically proud of it. The more saliva - the more abruptly, they consider. The horse " means; accepted " iron; correctly otzhevyvat it. It is similar to frank nonsense. But sadists, as a rule, do not shine with mind and continue to be proud of the captives expiring saliva to this day.

Directly sport, jumping

is a type of equestrian sport in which the horse pining with pain has to with the rider (konkurist) on a back pass a route (parkour) with obstacles in a definite time without having brought down a colored stick. She receives penal points for each brought-down stick and deletes the rider from prize-winning money. As control facilities of a horse there is everything iron in a mouth, the most different configurations, various belts holding the head in " too; necessary situation switches, spurs and other torment means.

Overcoming of obstacles in itself for a horse is unnatural and destroying. In the nature the horse always bypasses obstacles and if jumps, then it is obvious that not one and a half meters. Let`s remember that on how many sinews of a horse on gallop without rider stretch. Then that occurs on a jump? In sport all horses disabled people. They cannot be healthy by definition.


Dressage or the highest school of riding. The rider is dressed in the coffin maker`s suit. In total as it is necessary - the cylinder, sometimes even with a veil, a black dress coat, gloves, a funeral wreath from artificial flowers to a horse after competitions.

In an arena of a horse have to hollow the same " elements every day; " schools;. Have to raise beautifully and smoothly legs (the " method is for this purpose used; podbivka fetters - exercise machines, the beating is simple), to go with the twisted neck (for what it is fastened to a breast), to do everyones there to a piaffa and pirouettes (no comments).

In this type of equestrian sport for participation in competitions it is surely used (in a different way they are not even allowed) additional resources of management as horsemen are expressed: for thinner contact with a horse .

In what this consists thin contact ? The mouthpiece (lever) for stronger blow to the sky and language of a horse is added to a usual piece of iron (it is well visible on a photo) and the chain jamming gentle and thin skin of a chin in case of disobedience spurs are obligatory. It from obligatory .

And so, of course, the same lotions, as in other sport. For example, to an occasion (the thong setting system of iron in motion) the thin string which passes over a nose bridge of a horse is attached. Place this very vulnerable, bone there very thin. The string stretches hardly and created constant intolerable pain.

There are also systems of more difficult and painful levers, iron with prickles, rattles, chains, mouth dilators. By the way, in spite of the fact that the mouthpiece is actually resolved only in a dressage, use it in all types of equestrian sport. Just alter it. For example, solder several rings to usual iron and fasten an occasion to the latest, as a result - the same lever, the same intolerable pain.

The Drayving or draft driving

Sports driving of teams, still sometimes call it vehicular sport. Torment not only horses, but also a pony. As, unlike the rider, the driver is not tired at all, can scoff at horses the whole day. Thus, horses just collapse in very short time.

Harnesses with a large number of horses are especially injury-causing. For them use the most strict iron. Cases when they of the four and the six of horses on parades became uncontrollable were numerous and many innocent people suffered. Horses fell directly in a harness, on them other horses flew. Horror.

By the way, a separate subject about falling of horses. Riders, drivers, equestrians and other cattle, as a rule, leave an occasion in hands owing to what the horse receives the most powerful blow in the lower jaw which can break and, as a rule, breaks. Such cases at vyezdkovy horses as in this sport for painful influence the long lever is used are especially frequent. About the beaten-out teeth I am silent.


are competitions where horses are tormented by three days in a row on the following disciplines of equestrian sport: dressage, jumping and field tests. Let`s stop on the last.

In any weather after a dressage of a horse pass the route with not broken (only participants break) obstacles, steep slopes uphill, descents, ditches with water and other dangers. Often horses do not reach the finish live and if reach, then with multiple injuries and changes. But nobody pays attention to it.

Next day the horse has to participate in jumping. Officially exists vt. survey, but it means nothing, horses are allowed before competitions while all sports horses disabled people, and sport are a system of extermination of a horse.

The same control facilities, as in other sport, of course with some trifles, like burning ointment, connection of a current to obstacles during trainings, firing in a croup on the way to obstacles. However, it is practiced by many horsemen, not only in triathlon, but also in jumping for example. There are also such inventors who attach to legs of a horse of a piece of iron with keen edges, horses jumps, touches an obstacle and receives a portion of the most severe and burning pain. Will jump higher next time.

But it of course everything is done by professionals, fans manage usual pieces of iron and hlystika from the next bush. For the description of what is tested by prize-winning horses no human words will be enough. I had acquaintances who are engaged in horses. In communication very lovely and clever people, like to talk about the love to animals. But if you meet similar individuals, then always remember THAN and AS they LOVE the horses. Many maniacs in life were people decent and the victims, in general, too, loved.

Telling children`s equestrian sport to

about this bestial entertainment, it is impossible to forget that all these hippodromes, arenas and other concentration camps for horses are often calculated not only on the address of the capital to them from rates and so forth monetary frauds, but also on attraction in sport of the younger generation.

That is, sadists, people with unhealthy mentality undertake education of children. In such sections the set very often begins since six years. At first children learn to beat and torment a pony or burros, then replace them to horses. In many cities and the countries even special children`s competitions on a pony are held.

Initially children are taught the attitude towards animals, as to things, apparatuses. Inspire in them, that to animals it is not painful that so becomes from time immemorial and that so it is NECESSARY.

If with horses from - for their fragility still somehow are very cautious, then and especially burros exploit a pony on full. Once I was a witness to how in one horse club children of 8 - 11 years jumped obstacles on asphalt (!!!!!) on burros. When I found them, they did it the fourth hour and burros of drop, dumping the breast obstacles, but it did not stop children. Them was much, and all of them wanted to drive.

In order that to disperse lazy animals kids already began to use shovels and a rake (I it is absolutely serious). To the trainer was all the same, I did not surprise her. This madness stopped not so long ago, in connection with death of burros. Now torment only horses.

Trainers in general seldom control process, watch only result, its price does not interest them. Often in such sections the hierarchy is under construction of children who came sooner or later. Trainers often know nothing about horses. As the elementary knowledge of anatomy can already give an idea that to the person at a horse on a back not the place.

Horse polo

Sport true aristocrats, such hockey astride horses. Two teams participate. Players have special clubs with which they try to drive a ball into gate of the rival and quite often get to horses on legs, the head and all the rest. What else can be told about a polo? Only the fact that horses there long do not live.

Horse shows

Besides traditional exploitation of horses in sport, the huge number of other mass actions including elements of a medieval sadism in the program exists. Well and of course, our dear tolstozady militiamen and politicians who were fond of riding, the phenomenon in itself the comical and looking like certain show.

It is enough to look at how these dear keep in a saddle. It is bad only that to horses it is not ridiculous as to us.

To feel taste of the " wind; (horse pain) in a saddle numerous models, roleplayers, film actors and other " also climb; romantics .

Still still bullfights, equestrian vaulting competitions, performance " are arranged; Dzhigits . Also traditions of cowboys are not forgotten. Here only where now to take wild mustangs? Participants of rodeo easily solve this problem, by pulling to stallions before competition of genitals, here anyone will become wild .

Production wastes

of Pokatushki

the Phenomenon which is often met on streets of big cities. Manure girls of an insanitary look (the brilliant term of A. G. Nevzorov) suggest to sweep on half-dead horses. These horses are on streets after sport. Finally exhausted, broken, from that such quiet such lassies .

Pokatushki - the last point of accommodation of a horse before hit on a slaughter, the last circle of horse hell. For days on end they stand or run on asphalt, finishing what at some still remained from joints and bones, evil manure kids kick them and beat with switches, children of decent passersby ask to drive, Lioubayutsyatsya on the exhausted animals and ask a question of why at horses such sad eyes.

Pokatushny horses cannot show character any more, seem very obedient and, in general, healthy. Less avaricious of owners of such walking corpses feed them with crushing norm of oats (in the nature of a horse it is not eaten) as it costs kopeks. Therefore horses look well-fad (all - future sausage, cervelat). That is from the point of view of the inhabitant, quite normal. The instinct is so strong that they hold on like grim death. Though, getting to hire, they, as a rule, limp already on all four legs therefore it is not strongly noticeable.

Sincerely I wish to readers not to face this terrifying system of destruction and violence over a horse.