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on how many painting is ethic?

Will be a question of those ethical problems which it is possible to face, having been engaged in painting. The text will be most interesting to vegans and vegetarians, and also just to people not indifferent to sufferings of animals.

Before speaking about paints, I will tell about brushes. I know many vegans ignoring this question, and also a question with paints. I do not understand how it is possible to characterize similar carelessness, in my understanding this desertion. As drawing by proteins, columns, badgers (only ponder upon this transfer!) almost equivalently purchase of fur. Let small, but FURS, that of - for whom terribly perish millions of animals. It on so much obvious evil that even does not want to be spoken. The most widespread brushes for oil painting - a bristle. And many do not even think of how this bristle is got, whose it and what its true price. It it is simple - naprosto shave off from pigs, usually with live and painless I would not call this operation, happens also from the dead. And, however, what difference? Anyway production of such brushes is accompanied by the most bloody industry of our world. Certainly, just badly strikes irresponsibility of artists. It is impossible to close eyes to so obvious things. Such phrase of the student of art school, (vegan) terrified me: the shchetinisty brush is my style, only it creates my special effects and in general, the bristle is cheaper than " synthetics;. Just there are no words.

I will not Even try to comment on it. Good illustration of misunderstanding of the principle of a non-violence. It is natural that the person with such position will not shun wool, honey and rolls with margarine. Horror.

Ya I do not see not the slightest justification to use of unethical brushes, as well as any other violence. Now on sale there is a huge number of the synthetic brushes of fine quality capable to replace any natural analog. As for the prices, they are not much higher, sometimes below. Another matter human habit. But here, as with meat. Anyway human prejudices do not cost death of innocent animals. with

As for paints, at once it is necessary to disappoint aquarellists as this paint along with gouache, contains bull or pork bile as softener, that is an obligatory component. Sadly, but fact. To some extent the acryle made completely on a synthetic basis can replace these two paints.

Gouache, it is also possible to replace with distemper. Only it is necessary to show attentiveness at its choice. She is three types: egg (on it all icons are written), casein and having in the basis glue PVA. Respectively it is necessary to choose the last, fortunately it is pretty widespread, to find it not a problem. On the drawing qualities she very much reminds gouache, only colors more saturated and pleasant:) It is rumored that in Petya there are ethic options of these paints, but I have exact information on this occasion no

as the organization about it does not respond to my letters.

Oil paints at the heart of the have a pigment (which sometimes do of insects and animals), linseed oil and pinene.

the increased probability of maintenance of animal components in the following flowers:

sepia, purple, indigo, kraplak, carmine (insects), burned bone (no comments), Indian yellow (urine of elephants).

concerning the last color: it was very ridiculous to read, about it tremendous golden shade and depth . It is that, maybe so, but here with urine on a canvas, personally to write me does not prt;-)

If to speak about oil painting, then it is impossible to miss also the moment of gluing and a primer of a canvas. Many prefer for these purposes to buy ready mixes. In that case it is necessary to study attentively structure of a product as there can be not ethic components. The problem consists that many producers entirely do not write structure therefore I advise everything to do, it is not difficult at all and it is even interesting. The most widespread types of gluing it is gelatinous (cartilages of animals) and PVA. Here everything is simple - we choose the last option and we do not take a steam bath) Soil personally I do of mix of PVA and tooth-powder + some golden color of acryle, for giving of pleasant tone. The ready soil which is available on sale may contain glycerin, gelatin, sturgeon glue, bone glue, a photo gelatin, a laundry soap, casein and still some muck. So it is better to do) D. I. Y.:-)

In general in the market of art goods appeared a huge amount of synthetic paints on fabric, glass, metal now and so forth. What certainly pleases)

Here, perhaps, and all about paints. For material preparation I used the abstract on equipment and technology of painting, and also information obtained from replies of producers of paints to my questions. If someone possesses still any interesting and necessary information on this occasion, then I am always glad to communication.

in conclusion would like to tell that alternatives are always. It is possible to think out rotten excuses infinitely, eventually it is just stupid self-deception. And the more so it is awful for artists who during creation of the works have to be the most honest and open, and differently why in general to draw? Art has to bear a certain creative, humanistic and moral idea and should not be based on pain and suffering of other beings in any way. To in total you kind and creative achievements!