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In what harm of smoking?

of One of the most actual problems there was a smoking problem presently. You should not even speak about harm of smoking from the medical point of view, it already is even clear to the kindergarten child. But if everything is so bad why the number of smokers everything only increases every year? Perhaps this harmful occupation has also positive sides?

In each collective is always crowd to the people which, getting off in proud herds, runs in a smoking-room or for a corner to puff a bit . The mechanism of such smoking is simple and unpretentious - the awkward pause in conversation can easily be filled with an inhaling and a vypuskaniye of a smoke.


about bad patches in life, about stresses and about calm of nervous cages smoke we, most likely, are mistaken, but, according to most of smokers, the   cigarette; - it is the best antidepressant. Perhaps it is all magic ringlets can they calm, and can it is all about the mechanical motions made by hands who knows. … But from the medical point of view nicotine, as well as any psychoactive agent, changes an emotional condition of the person, creating wellbeing illusion.

Arguing on dependence of smokers, it is necessary to distinguish such concepts as physical and psychological. Smokers of young people have a dependence rather psychological, and it is formed for very short time (2 - 3 weeks).

Is as well negative sides of smoking of which, unfortunately, it is much more. First of all, it is the burned hole in the family budget. Any nonsense for ten rubles does not want to be smoked, and purchase of expensive cigarettes considerably will affect finance, and as they say, not in money happiness, and in their quantity, to lose happiness from - for some cigarettes not really - that and there is a wish.

Probably, it is not necessary to tell especially about the diseases connected with smoking, but, having transferred only small part from the huge list, it is possible to understand all danger of this occupation: chronic bronchitis, emphysema of lungs and different types of cancer, especially lung cancer.

Even if you are not an active smoker but only you accompany those to places so not remote (in sense a smoking-room), then you are automatically attributed to the list of passive smokers. Harm of the smoke inhaled by the passive smoker is more, than the harm done by this smoke to the smoker.

In our unscrupulous world exists also such way of deception as advertizing. Many people are conducted on these healthy, strong and beautiful people in the advertizing smoking some cigarettes in bright packings and playing tennis, soccer, jumping on the horses running. You would look at them years so through five. Any run, swimming and soccer it is not even necessary to remember, lungs will be tired too quickly, and dykhalka just will not be enough for such mobile sports, these poor small fry should play cards and checkers, and that with breaks of times fifteen minutes on rest.

The Ministry of Health warns!