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How not to drown in a car?

How to get out of the sinking car? In this question there is a mass of subtleties and nuances disregarding which in this water it is possible to remain very for a long time... forever.

In - the first if the car fell in a reservoir (God forbid, of course) from the embankment or the bridge, we do not leave the car until its full immersion in water or if small until wheels rise on a bottom. Otherwise the rushed water flow can become your grave-digger.

When it became clear that the car plunges, the first that needs to be executed, it to close windows to slow down immersion process. After that it is good to include headlights which can serve as a signal for potential rescuers and help to find and lift subsequently the car (the electric equipment usually continues to work for some time).

If we went alone, we try to lower a seatback to have more space for the movement. Further, seizing the moment while the car plunges, it is necessary to look for pillows, parcels, or some clothes, to enclose everything that will be under itself to rise the head to a ceiling.

Together with it, it is necessary to try to manage to remove from himself all that can hold down the movement: a coat, heavy clothes, boots, laces and belts, - all this, in the circumstances, is not required to us.

And here when water filled salon and exceeded door level, that is the principle of alignment of pressure is executed, it is necessary to open a door safely. This way is preferable if the car remained whole. Otherwise the window opens, the hand leans out and rests against a roof, the face at the same time is turned inside, and further the head forward we get out of the car.

In case also windows do not open, it is necessary to break glass. Usually the preference is given front or back which it is more of others. It, however, depends on situation in which there is a car after immersion and which almost never happens horizontal.

To break glass, it is necessary to wait to the last, further to hit with a blunt object, and not into the center, and into a glass corner where resistance is less. For this purpose can serve, for example, the fire extinguisher which always has to be in salon, and sometimes is enough be pressed legs and squeeze out glass from rubber laying, even without having broken it.

And the main thing - as well as in any crisis situation, the most important here - self-control, having begun to panic, ourselves for ourselves begin to constitute danger.