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What for rest in Courchevel?

the Open letter to the President of France from congress of businessmen of the city of Upatyevsk

Dear sir President!

We never in this life will go to Courchevel - the place which became a symbol of lawlessness and human rights violation. France always in our eyes was the country of the developed democracy and freedom of speech. About what democracy can there be a speech when the people who arrived to have a rest after heavy Russian everyday life are dragged in a police lock-up. When dirty police paws seize a light image of the Russian oligarchs when they - agencies ask innocent girls from an escort the questions making them blush. Imagine

, mister President that you came to Krasnaya Polyana to have a rest from a hard work on a country government, and you are put in the UAZ with blue numbers and carried to police department of the city of Sochi for clarification of the personality.

Is impossible? Of course, it is impossible. Because only in our country there are all signs of democratic society based on a power vertical.

Police officers of Lyon broke the main commandment of the capitalist world - freedom to spend the, terribly earned money. For this freedom we went on barricades in far 91 year. For this freedom we for 12 hours without days off work at the computers of our offices.

Yes, our many oligarchs not without sin. Yes, it is difficult to understand sources of their welfare now. But how not to sympathize with people upon whom the monetary rain who were nobody still yesterday suddenly fell and today became masters of the world. How not to understand that at the same time their intellectual and emotional level remained the same because for money it is possible to buy everything, except mind, honor and conscience.

In fact, we deal with an industrial accident of cash flows and financial pyramids.

the Motto of your country, mister President, are three sacred words: Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood.

About what equality can there be a speech when the German, Austrian and even Polish tourists quietly ride from Kurshavelsky mountains, and ours sup the prison soup brought from the next restaurant at this time.

About what brotherhood can be told when our girls who transferred the hardest flight from Moscow to Paris, got the most severe emotional stress after hours-long interrogations can quite lose work and lose not so superfluous means of livelihood in their life. Because who will take with himself abroad now companions whose fingers pass through the international catalog of the Interpol.

What freedom can exist in the country in which it is even forbidden to smoke in ski resorts on elevators and during descent on skis!

Dear sir President.

We never in this life will go to Courchevel. We will go to have a rest, as before, to Hurghada and Antalya.

We are businessmen of the city of Upatyevsk, held down by one chain, connected by one purpose we declare constructions of capitalism:

Hands off the Russian oligarchs!

Freedom to movement to employees an escort - agencies!

Down with the French cops!

Long live mayor of Upatyevsk Vasily Sidorovich Fufikov!

And in end. Dear sir President. Come to us to Upatyevsk. We have very serious intentions on cooperation with the French republic in investment. We have plans of construction business - the center, repair of a springboard and unfinished circus.

Come, mister President. The word of honor, here nobody will offend you. Our Upatyevsk everything is not Courchevel yet.

Good to you re-elections, mister President. Orevuar!