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What we think on Forgiveness Sunday of or whether it is easy to ask forgiveness?

the Last day of Maslenitsa - the last Sunday before the coming Lent. Long since this day it is also old, and mlad, both the tsar, and the last beggar apologize each other for offenses free and involuntary. This day also until now is called Forgiveness Sunday.

On Forgiveness Sunday Orthodox Christians remember exile of the forefather Adam from paradise. Therefore still Shrove Sunday is called Adam`s exile from Paradise . It is considered that this mournful event - a source of all our wordly troubles. The reason of exile of Adam - the sin made by the primogenitors who abused gift of free will and broke the divine commandment of obedience.

In temples this day the special rank of forgiveness when priests and parishioners mutually ask each other forgiveness is made to enter the Lent with pure soul, having reconciled with all neighbors.

The rank of forgiveness appeared in Egypt. Before approach of the Lent monks dispersed on the desert for forty days. Some of them did not come back any more - perished in the desert. Therefore, dispersing to meet only for Easter, monks apologized each other for all offenses, as before death. And, of course, with all the heart forgave all. Everyone understood that their meeting can be the last. For this purpose there was also a forgiveness rank - to be reconciled and forgiven with all.

Eventually this tradition turned into church service of all Church. In pre-revolutionary Russia, for example, there was a custom to the tsar to ask forgiveness at the citizens. For this purpose the tsar went round troops, apologized to soldiers, visited monasteries.

Think, it is possible not to be the Orthodox Christian, and to practise, for example, Islam, it is possible to be in general the atheist, but it is impossible to live, without having told someone forgive and I forgive .

For me it is one more occasion to pay attention to the family. We most of all also offend the closest. Let inadvertently, let, it seems, it is not obvious, an inattention, for example. You think, it is advisable to ask forgiveness and vanity and haste prevail Forgiveness Sunday is an opportunity to stop, look back to series of the lived days, to feel the value of the relations with people dear to you. For me Forgiveness Sunday - one more reminder on the family to whom I any more will never be able to apologize.

Many of us of own experience well know that it is much easier to forgive, than most to ask forgiveness. Whether it is easy to offend other person? It is easy. Whether it is easy to take offense most? It is easy. Whether it is easy to forgive? Difficult. Inconveniently. There is no wish. But it is necessary to forgive all-. Yes, it is serious step - to ask forgiveness. Not without reason Orthodox Christians say that the most difficult feat is a repentance.

Earlier I needed a lot of time that the spring of offense weakened. Now I understand: forgiveness as pleasure as gift to yourself, as release from own offense. I come to the offender and I speak: Let`s be reconciled. I love you . Pleasure of sincere forgiveness - huge acquisition, return of the friend, girlfriend, child, their love. And thanks to it is an improbable condition of generosity.

The conflict between parents and children is most heavier endured. And, and with that and on the other hand. At fathers and mothers the offense intertwines with painful love and vanity. Almost always the ancient motive sounds: We gave everything to you, brought up, did not fill up nights, and you... . And the child, be he even an adult, will leave, will turn away with silent irritation. And here - offense as the black snake creeps in soul and settles down there thoroughly and for a long time.

You remember the parable of the prodigal son? At the father was two sons. Younger, having received the share of inheritance, left the house. Living dissolutely, spent everything. When began to suffer of need, it was necessary to it and to eat what got and to work for pennies. He decided to confess and return to a home: How many mercenaries at my father izbytochestvut bread, and I die of hunger! I will get up, I will go to the father and I will tell him: Father, I sinned against the sky and before you, and is already unworthy to be called your son. Accept me in number of your mercenaries . The father sincerely and with pleasure accepted the come-back son. Even arranged in honor of it a rich feast. The eldest son, having seen such reception of the wasted brother, was indignant. But heard in reply: My Son! You are always with me, and all mine - yours. And about that it was necessary to rejoice and have fun that the brother your this was dead, and recovered, was gone and was .

A parable on that and a parable that it is multiple-valued, and everyone hears in it conformable to time and the ideas of eternal truth. It is thought, today history of the prodigal son is in a varying degree close to much of us to

Yes Each of us in the childhood was learned to apologize, but not to forgive. And parents spoke to not everyone forgive recognizing the wrongfulness. When to psychologists mother tormented with the conflicts and family quarrels comes and complains of the child who does not obey, does not respect adults, in a penny does not appreciate their opinion, experts advise, first of all, to change own behavior. And to comprehend, perhaps, the pedagogical mistakes, and, above all, to understand and accept the child it what he is, and, perhaps, even to ask for him forgiveness.

Whether you will go to Forgiveness Sunday to the temple - your business, but remember the parable of the prodigal son, and, maybe, it will be easier for you to understand, forgive, and soul to accept another.