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What for the program of Google - Earth or whether It is possible to see from space Arzamas - 16?

And when the sky will become a mirror, people of the different countries will be able to look in each other eyes. Also the world and mutual understanding will set in on the planet, and wars and conflicts " will stop;

These naive lines easily flew from - under a feather of one Soviet writer - the romantic. He also could not imagine that sometime its fantastic allegories will find the almost literal embodiment.

Value of that technology which successfully began to realize the Internet - the Google company, seemingly, is not up to the end understood by millions of ordinary users of computer networks yet. Similar often happens to revolutionary inventions.

Receiving by means of the Internet of images from the " satellites scanning a terrestrial surface; - service available to all Internet users which can use absolutely free of charge on a resource of Google is so quite routinely described. com, having downloaded the necessary software from there. In fact it is about connection of the ordinary personal computer on the Internet to the satellites which are regularly photographing a terrestrial surface. At the same time resolution of technology is in certain cases so high that in pictures are well distinguishable not only constructions, roads and cars, but sometimes - even color of clothes of certain people.

The new stage in development of a civilization usually is followed by changes in understanding of progress. Same it is possible to expect concerning technology which pioneer was a Google company. Now the modern person can visit places expensive to it where he was not long ago, or to visit such places of the globe, where in reality to it to appear will not be led up. Without leaving the house, any school student can study an arrangement of objects of Arzamas, superconfidential in the recent past, - 16 or to glance in park of the Pentagon. One young man on the screen of the monitor found out that near his house water pipes are dug over.

- And I - that thought why there is no water the second day! - with amazement he exclaimed.

But the technology sometimes is beyond purely technical problems, raising also the philosophical questions, and even Declaration of human rights . Really, if by means of the home computer it is possible to distinguish the certain person whether then it is rough invasion into private life of the citizen? How the tennis-player Sharapova who peacefully have a rest on the beach, the president Bush at a cheerful party in the fresh air or Bobbie Fischer disappearing from paparazzi will treat similar supervision, say?

However, scanning of a terrestrial surface in real time cannot still be realized, different sites are photographed with a big time interval, and therefore similar moral contradictions are not particularly acute so yet. So we recommend to stock up with patience, to download the " program; Google - Earth (a little more than 14 megabytes), and - to exclaim:

- Highly I sit, far I look!.