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How to buy souvenirs, without overpaying for them?

Many of us like to spend holidays in beach resorts. From such exotic place, there is always a wish to take away something for memory, well or as a gift to somebody. As to buy souvenirs, without overpaying?

Most of tourists of Russia, prefers rest in Turkey and the countries of North Africa from - for warm climate and reasonable prices. As a rule, on an arrival to some countries guides from tour operators warn you at once that it is necessary to bargain. In Egypt and Tunisia, for example, the initial price of goods approximately by 10 - 15 times exceeds that on which you will be able to agree at successful combination of circumstances. In such cases everything is used, persistence of the seller, a situation, oath assurances that you will find goods of worthy quality only in this shop it.

Not to overpay the easiest way (more precisely to tell, overpay not so much) for the things bought by you are shops with the fixed prices. In total - for the western person to bargain - not such usual thing, as for orientals. In each resort there are shops with the fixed prices. If you want to save, better not to use the shops located directly in hotel. In the downtown for certain there are cheaper supermarkets.

If you decided to experience completely all exotic of local shopping, then it is necessary to begin directly after an exit from hotel, and is more specific with a taxi. The price which will be offered to you by the taxi driver especially in the countries of North Africa, can exceed real in some time. It can quite suggest you to lay out 20 dollars from the person for 20 - 25 km of a way. It is impossible to trust it at all. As there very cheap (in Egypt, for example, for 1 dollar it is possible to buy 6 liters of gasoline) the standard fare to the big settlement will hardly exceed gasoline 1 - 2 dollar. After you arrived on a central square or the central market (with it, by the way, too be accurater since using ignorance of the district by you, can bring anywhere), can start search of goods necessary to you. It is necessary to remember that than further you will come - the high price you will be able to bargain. If you want to spend less, it is necessary to steer clear from center places where Europeans are usually bought by souvenirs. In - the first, for them always and all in euro (i.e. what for Russian will cost 20 dollars for French - 20 euros), and in - the second, does not make sense to the seller to throw off to you the price when around it is full of buyers.

When you found the quiet small street with small little shop in which there is practically nobody, you can start shopping. Here everything depends on a situation, more precisely how you will behave and will show. If you know a foreign language, it is quite big plus. You it is simple - naprosto you can get to talking with the seller, chatter him and under the pretext of your sudden friendship to bargain on the price favorable to you. Other way - simply long time to hold the ground, and as they say, to starve out.

There is one more, rather good way to catch qualitative souvenirs, almost free of charge. If you possess a sufficient share of adventurism, can just buy a two-three of bottles of vodka in Russia. You without problems will take them through border, and on arrival will be able to exchange at somebody for things of local production as a souvenir from Russia. Upon purchase of souvenirs it is important to remember that some objects which are considered as historical values, and also objects of flora and fauna cannot be taken out from the country. For it the penalty can expect you.

People in the east like to communicate and bargain (I speak, proceeding from own experience) so if you have time, and, above all - desire, you can easily buy the thing which was pleasant to you at the ridiculous price, and can even derive pleasure from the process.