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Invasion of robots already began?

We already got used to scientifically - to fantastic plots how computers, having realized the force over people, begin race for power on the planet. However, as it quite often happens, the most dreadful and the utopias seeming absolutely unrealistic imperceptibly creep and become a problem when their development became irreversible.

Something similar occurs already now on the world Internet where by means of so-called search robots computers interfere in the cultural and esthetic world of the person.

I conducted small research to understand the scale of invasion of computers to spheres of life in which until recently the person undividedly dominated.

It is known that in search engines so-called relevance (value) of keywords which defines the removed order of the found pages has very great value. As most often on a keyword there are thousands, and even millions, pages, in the field of vision the user there are only those resources which the robot shows the first.

Sometimes novice users fondly think that somewhere the clever man who determines the value of the websites and pages sits there. Actually the importance the Internet - resources for mankind determines the computer by difficult algorithms which conclusions often seem absolutely absurd (it is possible to give an example when by the word V. Putin the official site of the President was at the time of control even on 7 - m the place. The heartless car decides on what pages to direct millions of visitors (and, thereby, to provide these the Internet - the companies with good money), and what - to bring out of a field of vision.

Other opportunity already today to get into culture to search robots is calculation of value of the word by means of the scrupulous accounting of amount of inquiries by the concrete word and total number of pages where it is key - a ratio of these data and is coefficient on which in effect the world Internet depends. The love, the world, the child, beauty - the words meaning to us is a lot of, for only a figure computer in virtual space.

Everyone can check that sex according to the robot approximately three times more important concept, than love , and Harry Potter is ten times more necessary than to the Russian child, than Dunno and the Cheburashka combined.

Computers began to reinterpret all culture of mankind and to define each thing the place in the world proceeding not from esthetic reasons, and from uncountable algorithms and infinite figures. You do not cease to be surprised from what we will tell young the priest - the performer Masskva according to the car three times more skillfully, than Mozart , and comparison of value of composition 7th floor with Requiem would bring the great composer into despondency at all. If heartless beings sometime come to the power, then they by all means will try to undress us (people in shorts are pleasant to the car two and a half times bigger, than in trousers ), and the Russian national dish to make Snickerses ( should exclude pancakes at all from our diet because their value is even 12 times lower than an overseas product).

It seems that robots seriously conceived to make reform of Russian - so, is cool even in two thousand times more perspective word, than old kind is amazing . From now on according to the indication of ubiquitous robots it is necessary to call chewing gum precisely a chewing gum (the search engine notes 127 thousand stays on the Russian Internet) though it will be admissible to tell a zhuvachka (32 thousand) and even a zhyvachka (3 thousand), and we will greet the word preved (nearly 2 million stays). Our nedalyokoyebudushchy is drawn to us in the most gloomy light, spiders are pleasant to the computer more, than flowers . And still, we will be objective, the robot as it is painted is not so terrible, and it is possible to find light corners in his silicone soul, and the computer likes to smile more often much more, than to be angry: the smilie is more valuable to it, than melancholy, grief and grief combined. And from a smile, as we know, will become brighten; can even if the heartless car is behind this smile