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And you celebrate the Day of the bartender? You there are not enough

U holidays in life? I suggest to celebrate the World day of the bartender 6 - go February!

There are on the earth such people. They prepare potions turning sometimes this process into fantastic representation. The spirit and style of an institution in many respects depends on them.

The profession of the bartender arose in America in times gold-rush . Then in outlets in settlements everything including alcoholic beverages was on sale at once. Then the premises of shop were partitioned off by the barrier which divided trade zone and vacation spot which began to be called bar (a barrier in English of bar). Then there were also the first bartenders - in a literal translation, people behind a rack .

In 1862 left Bible of the bartender - the first book containing data on drinks, a compounding of cocktails and the professional code of the bartender. Use it still, and some cocktails became classical. And, for example, one of fundamental rules says that the bartender has no right to take alcoholic drinks on a workplace though he has to know taste of all drinks and cocktails to help visitors to make a right choice.

The field of activity of the bartender in each case is regulated by rules of bar or restaurant and degree of trust of the director to it. Work of the bartender is defined and based on two interconnected principles: profitability of an institution and pleasure of visitors. The size of a salary of the bartender in many respects depends on profitability degree. The pleasure of the client is closely connected with the sum of tip. However, the bartender can receive on hands not all sum of tip, but a certain percent. Besides, the happy visitor will come again and will bring others, and one disappointed is also his acquaintances who here will never come and will not bring the money.

Many bartenders come to this profession incidentally, usually in student`s years, in search of a side job in non-study time. The flexible or night hours allow to be present at least at lectures, let and at a condition of a semi-sleepiness. Young and still the strong constitution without special problems copes with such loadings. And the earned money gives financial independence.

It is considered that the bartender reaches worthy professional level approximately in a year of work. The good bartender, as well as any highly qualified specialist, can make quite good career: senior bartender, manager of bar, restaurant, director and even co-owner or owner of an institution. Everything depends on personal tendencies and commitment.

Work of the bartender is distinguished on three main styles: classical, freestyle and spidmiksing. It is easy to guess according to names, than they differ.

of B classical style are above all appreciated conservatism and severity (both in clothes and a manner to communicate, and in preparation of drinks), he is most popular in expensive institutions of the highest category.

Freestyle - style, in many respects opposite classical. It is expressed in development of the dramatized tricks including single or synchronous juggling by capacities, work with pyrotechnic effects and other. The Spidmiksing means high-speed mixing. Masters of this style focus on fast preparation of cocktails at strict observance of the standard standards and proportions.

However, bartenders say that freestyle, for example, has not enough relation to everyday barmen life. When the crowd of the people, not to beauty, quicker to serve all. And if the administration did not decide to arrange specially show for visitors, then the circus behind a rack will not delight it: the ware fights much in process, drinks spill, time is wasted. All, of course, try, but generally for themselves, for interest, before friends to wriggle.

Besides faultless possession of professional skills the bartender needs to possess certain psychological data. Skill to communicate, goodwill and self-control are absolutely necessary. The good bartender - somewhat the psychologist or even the psychoanalyst: he has to be able to listen and hear, communicate, feel the person. From the bartender often wait not only for binge, but also understanding, sympathy or just good mood. Each person - as the mobile phone: it needs recharge. If the bartender good, he gives this recharge.

To hold in the head recipes of classical and specialty cocktails not so easily as it seems. And work of the bartender demands also physical endurance: ten and more hours standing in the conditions of continuous noise, music, a cigarette smoke, crowd not always quiet visitors. By the end of change of a leg hoot, in the head one figures and labels. Therefore it is considered that the bartender - a man`s profession. However, recently the floor of crucial importance has no, and some institutions take only girls.

A main objective of work of the bartender is service of visitors behind a bar rack. The bartender not only releases production to visitors and makes calculations with them, he also counts revenue and processes documents to the realized products. For successful activity in this sphere the person needs existence good visually - motive coordination, a linear eye estimation. Ability to distribute attention and ability to the fast oral account in the conditions of noise, visual hindrances - important qualities for the person of this in many respects of a creative profession.

So, the recipe of success in barmen business is a cocktail from professional knowledge and abilities, cultures, psychology, sport and, of course, business.