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Whether to do piercing?

Noble Roman centurions, Julius Caesar`s security guards, did it as a sign of bravery and courage. Ancient Egyptians did it to show belonging to a notable family. Seamen in 16 - 17 century did it that after their death they had money for a funeral, and presently do it to seem not such as all everyone wants to be

In our progressing world unique. Someone does the shocking hair, someone changes color of eyes by means of lenses, and someone goes even less harmless way, using such way of self-expression as piercing.

First of all, it is important to notice that from the medical point of view, piercing - surgical intervention in an organism. As well as consequences of any operation, sometimes consequences from piercing are unpredictable. The result can be deplorable, beginning from jaundice, and, finishing with AIDS. To 15% of all people staradat a nickel allergy. Symptoms of such allergy are red inflammations on a surface of a puncture and around it. It is necessary to consider also what troubles you can face when piercing this or that part of a body: severe pain, at injury of a nerve, paralysis of any part of a body, long process of healing, discomfort at the movement and other.

If it does not stop you, then it is necessary to pay attention to the choice of salon for a start. If in salon you are not asked about diseases and allergies, then it is possible to look for new safely. You were asked? It was lucky!

Following what it is necessary to pay attention to is a hygiene of the room and tools. The master has to use gloves and the disinfected tools. Having tracked sanitation, you can safely to be pricked .

Having made piercing, you should not relax. At the wrong leaving of problems not to avoid. About leaving it is necessary to ask the master if he did not tell you about it, and recommendations for any kind of piercing are: to daily wipe places of a puncture with a disinfectant (except alcohol-containing and peroxides of hydrogen), not to take out an ear ring before healing, not to swim the first two weeks in a sauna, natural reservoirs and the more so in the sea. According to dermatologists, it is the best of all to use ear rings from stainless steel or gold of high test. In case of a tumor, reddening, severe pain, bleeding it is necessary to see the dermatologist.

Many dermatologists also advise not to pierce ears in the summer as it can lead to strong inflammations and in the winter not really - that is good: it is necessary to get used that on a frost of an ear ring freeze and " long; cut ears. Conclusion: the best time for a puncture of ears is a fall or spring.

Important also accurately to take off clothes and to dress it: sweaters and laces can cling to an ear ring and who knows, than all this will end?!

And the last: And whether it is worth risking so the health and to create to itself an array of problems, maybe, simpler to be unique in soul and to strike all with the inner world?!