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How to escape among people? (Sharks 5).

Are published a set of manuals how to be saved from us. The majority of them are incredibly silly. It is claimed that we are coward and we can be frightened by slaps on water, loud shout that we can be stopped in blow of a fist in a nose, and also having clamped us nostrils or gills. All this grants for suicides. Slaps and shouts will only draw attention of other sharks, having punched a nose, you raskrovyanit a hand, and to clamp nostrils is useless, we them do not breathe but only we smell.

There is a quote: ... try to avoid monster teeth, and for this purpose strong clasp with a hand its mouth . And if this mouth is more than you? Still quote: ... seize her by a back fin and float together with her so much how many you will have enough breath . And further?

Two cases when such manuals really helped are known. In both cases the person threw manuals in sharks, and those lagged behind, probably, laughter for the sake of preferred to study manuals.

And still, means of fight of chelovek against sharks exist. And some of them are so effective that there is other question: how to escape among chelovek?

In recent years many means of individual fight against sharks are thought up. Here and the jails entering poison (strychnine), a spear with explosive bullets on the end, spark darts shark - Darth inflating a shark with the compressed gas from what she emerges. Cheloveki become more and more protected. But we not about it.

Annually the person catch more than 400 thousand tons of sharks. And it is frequent only for the sake of an entertainment - the shark is thrown out then. And here result: the big white shark already with honor is included in the Red List. There whale and huge sharks are brought. Who in line?

In many countries there is a continuous trade of sharks. The caught sharks can be used completely. Meat, and especially fins, use in food. A liver, cartilages - for production of drugs and vitamins. Carried sharks it is extraordinary beautiful and strong, and unmanufactured it is applied to polishing of firm grades of a tree. Often fishermen are interested only in the main delicacy - spark fins. The price of a bowl of soup from spark fins at some restaurants reaches hundred dollars. Soup from spark fins is so popular that one of species of sharks and nicknamed - a soup shark. Only it is not easier for sharks from this popularity. We deprived of fins are thrown out in the sea where we, without having an opportunity to float, go on a bottom.

Meanwhile only seven species of sharks were lucky. They had an opportunity as equals, in private, to battle against the person. Big white, poppy, the seldevy, blue, tiger, sea fox and fish - a saw are recognized by the International association of sports fishery in quality sports fishes.

Cheloveki is considered poppy by excellent object for sports fishery. Having got on a hook, poppy fights up to the end, jumps out of water on several meters, goes on a tail, without stopping attempts to escape. In 1936 - m to year at the Bahamas Ernst Hemingway caught on a poppy weighing 354 kilograms spinning. The shark - a hammer too persistently resists at capture, and it is considered a delicious trophy for athletes - fishers.

You prepared for holiday, to catch a small fish? Well, to a meeting on the Bahamas!