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How to escape among sharks? (Sharks 4).

What to undertake to survive, having appeared among us, sharks? First of all, it is necessary to be afraid of us, to take us seriously. But to be afraid - does not mean to panic. We perceive your inept panic floundering only as to eat it is given . Better quietly and peaceful leave our way. However, if we decide to attack you, then, most likely, you will be able to undertake nothing, and often will not even notice that you attacked you. Chick, and you already in heaven.

But attacks happen infrequently. Let`s address statistics. In a year no more than one hundred cases of attack of sharks on chelovek around the world are registered, it is less than a half of them with death. And how many you perish from road accidents? And from terrorists? And in wars, big and small? Yes from stings of bees people perish more often than from sharks.

But death of death discord. We bring especially awful death. Death in elements, alien for the person, from terrible painful stings. The subconscious, taken roots since ancient times fear to be eaten - here that forces you to be afraid and hate us in panic.

And therefore remember: the proximity of the coast will not rescue you, two thirds of attacks happened not further, than in hundred meters from the coast, at a depth which is not exceeding one and a half meters. A quarter attacked were approximately on a belt in water. Has no value, there were you in loneliness or near you there were others the person. Also it is not important what was weather, solarly or gloomy. No matter, in what you were dressed - in light or dark. Opinions are about it inconsistent. The Greek collectors of sponges believe that the black clothes reliably protect from sharks, and the Japanese divers - an ama, on the contrary, put on in all white.

Unambiguously and almost absolutely sharks are attracted only by one - blood. And not only yours, but also blood of fishes whom you carelessly pierce harpoons from underwater guns. Get drunk with blood of a shark. The smell of blood brings together sharks from all next vicinities, and they suit loose feasts during crashes of the ships or planes. For example, onboard the torpedoed ship Keyp Sang - Juan there were 1429 chelovek. It was succeeded to rescue only 448. And there is nothing to climb to our ocean with the torpedoes! During accident of transport Nova Skotiya one thousand chelovek died. All swam in life jackets, and all had no lower part of bodies. So any your war for us - a holiday.

Businessmen from resort business are terribly interested in somehow to smooth our gloomy reputation because after each bloody case beaches immediately become empty though only one of five million bathing perishes. Therefore shows with sharks will be organized, clubs of fans to sweep astride a shark and other attractions. For them, as a rule, choose the safest sharks. And the person forget about danger. And in vain.

Cheloveki thoughtlessly provoke us, humiliate our advantage, grabbing peacefully floating sharks a tail or walking all over them. Such actions enrage even the most harmless sharks, and then - take care. Yes, happened that the person after that survived. But sometimes they survived and, having been hit by the car. But here to rush under it specially! However, it is possible to expect from chelovek of everything.