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Which of sharks is more blood-thirsty? (Sharks 3).

the best-known in our family - a big white shark. She received the name for a white belly, and in general a back and sides at her is black - brown, is lead - gray or brown. This shark, heroine of the world famous movie Jaws deserved strong reputation of the cannibal and the nickname white death . If we are empresses of the seas, then a big white shark - our emperor.

Well and. It one of the biggest fishes in the sea - its length quite often exceeds 12 meters, and weight - about 10 tons. Even if the hundred-kilogram shark has a bite bones of the person, such will take a sip him entirely. And sometimes its production corresponds to the sizes - dolphins, seals, small whales. In 1959 - m to year near Kenya white sharks broke off to pieces an elephant who on imprudence came into water.

Contrary to outdated representations, at a big white shark the large developed brain. Her perfect streamline body allows to gather speed to forty kilometers per hour. Not without reason the American experts in bionics used a shape of her body for modeling of fuselages of planes.

As far as such sharks are dangerous? According to the International commission on studying of sharks (KIA) every fifth attack of sharks on the person on conscience of big white shark. It is unlikely she consciously hunts on chelovek, just takes them for the company.

Who commits other assaults? One of pretenders - a shark of poppy. By the sizes it is more modest than a big white shark. Three-meter poppy weighs to half tones, also four-meter copies meet. However it is strong and high-speed.

Characteristic of poppy is its ability to jump out of water and to snatch out production from the rocky coast or from the boat. There is a video of the moment of attack when the similar shark removed from the three-meter rock of a seal weighing 150 kilograms, having spent for it no more than three seconds. Mako often attacks boats and boats, or snatching out people from a board, or breaking the boat. Happens that poppy attacks the person who picked up it on a hook.

Other worthy relative of a big white shark - fish - a hammer. This is known by all, and not only according to Jules Verne and Mayne Reid`s novels. Her flat head has two characteristic outgrowths giving it similarity to the known tool on each side. Why to this shark such ornament? Were suggested that such shape of the head allows a shark to turn better or to protect eyes at attack. It is incorrect. Along all first line of the head are located nostrils sharks so her molotkoobrazny head is only a big nose.

A shark - the hammer reaches six meters in length, and therefore is very dangerous to chelovek. Repeatedly found parts of human bodies in stomachs of these sharks, and cases of attack observed hundreds of eyewitnesses. One of such attacks happened on the beach overflowed with people in Florida in fifty meters from the coast. The shark - a hammer attacked the girl and put it serious mutilations. The girl was managed to be rescued, but the shark pursued her to the coast.

The tiger shark is very dangerous. She is called so from - for cross-striped colourings of cubs, and is born them at her much, to 80 - ti half-meter akulit for time. Then strips grow dull. And the short snout she reminds a tiger too. Especially, when it pushes forward jaws.

In length this shark reaches three - four, and in the Indian Ocean and nine meters. Often comes into mouths of the rivers and on shoal where expects to find an easy mark. Therefore it poses serious threat for all live. In any case, to grind a tiger shark tries to steer clear of the parents. Her huge jaws capable to do peculiar roundabouts therefore the victim is cut on part. It allows a tiger shark to attack successfully objects, commensurable with her by the sizes.

It is possible to list dangerous species of sharks very long. Here and beautiful blue sharks, certainly, deadly, but not convicted of attacks on the person yet - there was no witness left, and sandy sharks, long time who were considered harmless and the gray sharks called in the Gulf of Mexico mourning as the meeting with them often comes to an end with death.