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As well as where sharks kill? (Sharks 2).

We are ideal murderers. Look at our teeth. Unlike teeth of land beings they are located in five, ten, and even in twenty rows. If foreteeth break or will be erased, will take their place back as if soldiers in a system. One tiger shark can grow, use and replace in ten years prior to twenty four thousand teeth.

Many think that to us to bite, it is necessary to turn over on a back or sideways. It is incorrect. Both the snout, and the lower jaw at us are so mobile that we can turn out them towards to the victim and strike it with teeth, putting lacerations. If our victims are larger than us, we, thanks to our unique teeth, pull out from them pieces or we cut them on part.

Our jaws develop at a sting pressure in several tons upon square centimeter. It is enough to have a bite a hand, a leg, and even the person in half. But this superfluous is frequent - our extensible mouth allows to swallow entirely not only chelovek, but also larger animals: sea lions, crocodiles, and even horses.

Envy our force. We easily tear the jute ropes five centimeters thick, chains maintaining loading in ton, we break hooks from semi-inch steel. With one blow we can punch the bottom of the boat or, having jumped out of water, to remove from a board of the boat of the person. And as we swim! The shark of poppy gathers speed to 30 knots, and it is comparable with the most quick racers on a hippodrome.

But most of all we are proud of the sensitivity. On the first place at us sense of smell. Shed in blood like water we will guess a drop for three - four kilometers. And aurally we do not complain. We hear careless splashing of the person for kilometer, and it sounds for us as a signal to a lunch. Inaccessible the person we perceive low-frequency sounds not ears, and a so-called sideline on a surface of the head and trunk. We hear these fluctuations of water at distance to hundred eighty meters, they help us to distinguish the convulsive movements of the weakened victim from confident movements of remote fishes.

If you do not see a shark in the sea, it does not mean that she does not see you. Sight at us magnificent, time in ten is more sensitive to light, than eyes of chelovek. We distinguish colors and we prefer to look at something bright and sparkling. And still we perceive electric field of the victim, however, nearby, say, all in meter from the fish who buried in sand. Why to us it is necessary? Yes more precisely to orient a mouth! And yes the person create around themselves electric fields each movement of muscles or heart beat.

You think, our skin is covered with scales? No, it is thousands of microscopic sharp bone teeth. And it too our weapon. If you take in head to hit us with a naked hand or a leg, to you it is worse - on your skin there will be a set of cuts, and the following blood will only attract our friends. Well, and a knife in a back we just will not notice blow - our skin is impenetrable, at least, on a back. Here the harpoon is necessary.

Do not think that it is possible to meet us only in the sea. We come into mouths of the rivers and we rise upstream by hundreds of kilometers. The close relative of a gray bull shark lives in the lake Nicaragua and long ago it is considered the dangerous cannibal. In the spring of 1944 - go a godaodna such shark attacked three people at once, only one drove out of them. We are found and in other fresh-water reservoirs. In Zambezi we attack the buffalo s who came to a watering place. In Ganges there is a lot of us that the person allocated a special look - a gangsky shark. It is generally clear, we within many centuries were fed up dead men who, according to custom, were buried in waves of the great river. Now we with success attack the pilgrims who came to make ablution. Us saw in New - York at pier on 42 - y to the street, and in surrounded from all directions with the land Paraguay. One shark was caught in Peru in three thousand seven hundred kilometers from the mouth of Amazon. So we, sharks, gradually win also continents.