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About what sharks are silent? (Sharks 1).

We are sharks. Our kingdom - two thirds of the globe. So much place is taken by the ocean. We great and awful, cruel and dangerous, ruthless, furious and almost impregnable. There is no person on Earth who would not know who we are such. Ask the inhabitant of the Sahara, Pamir or the jungle of Amazon - for certain they something and heard about us. And still you, the person, do not know us. You do not know even the main thing for you: why we attack and as to be saved from it. And we will not tell. We always attack silently.

There is a lot of us. Among us there are dwarfish sharks, of the size of a pen, and there are also giants, comparable with the railway tank. How many exists species of sharks, do not know even the most scientific the person. Counted only three hundred fifty. Badly you consider. It is more of us.

We appeared long before dinosaurs, and survived when improbable frights conducted fight for oceans. We were stronger. Our most famous ancestor - karkharodon. In his jaws filled by teeth of the size of the iron the car quietly could be placed. Now the spark people crushed, but all the same to us a finger in a mouth not of luggage. And as for chelovek, it is an insignificant episode in our life. If we exist more than 350 million years, then the person - time in hundred is less. But from the most emergence these annoying beings climbed in our affairs, stole scraps from our table and even dared to attack us.

We despise them. They fuss on a surface of the ocean and at coastal shallows, and only the laziest of us come to be fed up to beaches by cheloveka, and at the same time and to take a fun. Our innocent entertainments always struck terror in chelovek. On ancient frescos of the Egyptian temples there are images of sharks. Ancient Greek poets and philosophers, such as Aristotle wrote about us. Rumors about us, often doubtful, turned into legends. Seamen of sailing vessels sincerely believed that emergence behind a board of a spark fin promises misfortune, and even death any of crew. Truly, promises if this unfortunate appears behind a board.

From Europe to Oceania legends of sharks - the werewolves turning in chelovek and vice versa went. Lies. Yes to whom it is necessary, to turn in chelovek! Most likely, business so was: the person, suddenly - time floats, and on its place the spark fin sticks out. This - our way.

Cheloveki, living on coast of the Pacific Ocean, idolized us, declared inviolable, were even at war from - for murders of a sacred shark. We not only were worshipped, but also made a sacrifice. And not only animals and fishes, but also the captivated enemies, the tribespeople and children. Ancient Greek legend of Andromeda not such invention. Very much it is tasty.

It is very hard to kill us. One our girlfriend was picked up on a hook, shot the head from a rifle, pierced a harpoon, pulled out on the deck, drawn, and it lashed for a long time, opened and closed eyes. Once already drawn shark bit off a hand to the fisherman. The naval officer contemptuously kicked with a leg dead as he thought, a shark, and it right there recovered and tore off to him from a leg all meat. But the case when the shark drawn and thrown into the sea right there came across a hook is more surprising than everything, having swallowed own guts strung as a bait.

We are unpretentious, it is even possible to tell, are not picky in food. We guzzle everything. In the list of the low-edible things taken from spark stomachs there are grenades and dynamite, a bag with money and the safe, a roll of roofing iron and a box with nails, cervine and cow horns, ladies` hats and men`s coats. It is similar to a joke, but it is the truth.

And generally we eat fish. For food we need not so much, to 10% of our weight a week, and there are nothing we can for months. All this thanks to remarkable ability of our stomachs for weeks, without digesting, to hold the absorbed food.

We eat and chelovek. But it as it is told, on an absence of fish.