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How to make soup with a pechyonochka?

give preference In many families nevertheless to first courses for lunch. So we are created by

that our imagination demands a variety. First courses in recipe-books there is a great variety. But each hostess has 3 - 5 soups on duty - borsch which she also uses throughout all the kitchen life.

In our family women cook soup with a liver long ago. However, sometimes also men when there is a wish to eat, and women are engaged in this business, well it is very strong, are busy. This soup is loved by one and all: both adults, and children.

Somehow I happened to work as the camp commander. Making the menu, I included in it buckwheat soup with a liver, without knowing that this action will turn back the real boycott from cooks.

- We do not know it! We it are not able! We did not cook it! Children will not eat this wish-wash! - They shouted in indignation.

I had to collect the character of a combative rooster (on east horoscope I am a Rooster) in a fist, to turn into flattering chanterelle and by a lileyny voice to say: there is no

- My dear girls, such dish which you would not manage to prepare. If children and to you do not like this soup, I from the pocket will pay costs of its preparation, and you will be able to celebrate krasnenky my incompetence in culinary affairs.

Cooks exchanged glances and agreed to cook a disputable dish. Soup turned out tasty. I was not too lazy to stay for a while during a bookmark, as if there was no what unforeseen surprise.


At first children watchfully belonged to such soup. Well, the actress I am able to be which of teachers not the actor?!

When they stirred slowly with a spoon an unknown dish, I as the first ordering person in camp, important strode between tables and well put, moderately loud, voice told about advantages of such soup:

- Buckwheat very useful product for a children`s organism, but buckwheat cereal in itself can be dryish and not all love it. The liver, unfortunately, too is loved not by all children, but it is a necessary product for blood restoration. In a combination these products find absolutely new refined taste Such soup will add to your weak organism a charge of cheerfulness and energy Children silently listened to

, glanced in plates and here the first spoons stretched to a mouth. Someone was not slow to cry out Tasty! . Then then, children`s exclamations " were distributed there; Honestly, tasty! Yes, anything soup! And is it is possible!

was not in time I and an eye to blink as the decent line for an additive was built. children asked

On an evening ruler to repeat new soup.

of the Cook calmed down, even apologized. Parents stopped me on the road and asked that they for soup such in camp gave? Children and houses demanded same to prepare.

Interestingly, my friends? Well, read.

Buckwheat soup with a liver.

300 - 400 of a liver will go To soup (depends about your pan). The most tasty soup turns out from a chicken liver, but any will approach.

- In a pan you put potato, then buckwheat, let everything boil on a small spark.

- small cut the Liver, roll in in flour and on a frying pan with sunflower oil. When it begins to rumyanitsya a little, add onions and carrot. So fry on slow fire of minutes ten and contents of a frying pan - in soup.

- Let will boil even minutes ten.

- Salt, spices, greens to taste can also be tried.

Such soup is pleasant to me also with millet. I assure you who does not even love this filling, soup turns out excellent. Lately in our family do not eat zazharka . I put in a pan all products in such order: potato, grain, liver, carrot, onions. At the end of cooking I add salt, greens, vegetable oil I pour directly into a pan.

Main - quickly, is full and is tasty. Bon appetit!