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How it is correct to sunbathe?

The summer time has come, there is a wish to tempt even with skin color, but at the same time there is a question of safety of receiving this attracting shokoladnost.

There are several councils which will help you to replace aristocratic pallor with a sports temnokozhest without big harm for health.

the First council

Before pilgrimage on the beach needs to stock up with a special protectant for skin. It is necessary to pick up it under the phototype. On each tube with anti-solar the figure costs cream: 2, 4, 10, 15, 20, sometimes even reaches to 50. It - protective factor it shows, in how many time longer you will be able to be on the sun how you did it without cream. Than your skin is lighter, the more it is inclined to redden, but not to korichnevet on the sun, the more there has to be a figure on a tube with your cream. It is desirable to buy cream of the checked firms in large shops that, using a summer agiotage, did not sell you doubtful make-up remover milk from eyes in packing from sunblock cream. Means can be in the form of cream, a milk, spray. Spray is more convenient in use, but the main thing in this question - water and sand resistance. Anyway, the term of protection even of the most resistant cream makes no more than 3 - 4 hours, after that means needs to be put again.

Sunblock cream should apply Council of the second to

on skin without luxuriating on the beach, and before an exit to the street. It is desirable evenly (paying special attention to speakers to parts of a body) therefore it is better to resort to the help of the third parties. Who knows, maybe, you so will like gentle strokings of your skin roundabouts that you decide not to go to the beach even?

Council the third

needs to include the products rich with carotene In the diet: carrots, apricots. Before an exit to the beach, thus, to you it is necessary not only to be smeared, but also to drink a juice glass that suntan laid down better.

Council number four

On the beach should be not before loss of consciousness, and first no more than 15 minutes, every day increasing duration of solar bathtubs. The best time for suntan - to 12 and after 16 hours.

the Fifth council

On the beach needs to be in a kerchief to protect from the scorching sun and hair too.

Well, and the last council

When you will come back home from the beach, it is necessary to wash away from itself the remains of sun-protection means and to smear skin with the moistening milk after suntan to restore water balance.

Safe to you shokoladnost!