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And how you did without computers? You Want, I will tell?

this Question to me was asked by a charming young being who I tried to teach English elements (the truth, for a long time I did not last). I began to tell and in a few minutes became silent. Why? In consciousness of this clever, but desperately lazy child, just did not keep within that once could not be computers. The child did not understand realities of later times and asked questions, so charming by naivety, for example: And why pagers when there are mobile phones were necessary? Let it pass, with this baby; especially as mother with the father had enough money to pay laziness of own daughter. And I invite those to whom it is really interesting how we did without computers in the recent past. Also was - that this only twenty years ago.

* * *

So, it was called Lyubava also cost money decent for those times - 190 rubles. Having bought it, I rejoiced. End tyrannies my former machine which has a carriage sliped, tightly stiffened, and then letters fitted one another. However, which - what nice traditions my new acquisition nevertheless inherited from the predecessor: to work on To Lyubava it was possible only having closed ears special inserts. They were called " Earplugs; also were on sale in any drugstore.

The instruction to To Lyubava it is oath assured that the machine ( the car writing portable ) allows to print four copies. It was a half-truth; four copies left only on the thinnest paper (well-known rup sixteen ) and that the last turned out blind person . But it gave three quite regularly. The main thing - not to forget to change a carbon paper regularly. There was a procedure which was known by each printing. After three printed sheets the lower, second leaf of a carbon paper, was replaced fresh, and it removed to the place of the first leaf crumpled and which is thrown out in a basket.

Together with a bookmark (so was called puff " pie; from blank sheets and the carbon paper laid between them) a manzhetka (the leveling paper strip) I inserted one more, additional leaf into . On it was, as well as in the famous song, in each line only points . This leaf served me as the counter of lines (otherwise it was possible to be earned and not to notice how a bookmark will come to an end, and letters will go to splash on the rubber roller). All lines were numbered; penultimate was allocated in the blue color, and the last - red.

Though already then I was able to work ten fingers, it did not relieve me of typographical errors. I remember the terrible rule from the self-instruction manual of typewriting: The Page on which more than five typographical errors will be found is subject to a repeated napechataniye . However, my customers were not so captious, though they paid not only for the translation, but also for the corresponding registration of it.

The correcting mixes then only - only appeared and were, as usual, deficiency. However the printing brotherhood did not despond; from PVA whitewash and the same glue it turned out quite accepted mazilka (it was required to pick up only successfully proportions). Then matters was even more expedited: in office shops the so-called correcting fonts began to be on sale. In fact - transfers. Was to attach such sheet the necessary letter to the place of a typographical error enough, to rub slightly an old core from a ball pen, and it is ready! Everything turned out much more accurately, than puttying and correction by hand. I had the proof symbols which I a pencil put on fields of each read leaf. Naturally, then these signs were erased by a soft elastic band.

But by hand was not to do me without description all the same: foreign names, names of books and magazines, explanation word-plays when for comparison it was necessary to provide the same phrase in English. Perhaps someone will grin, but I already then wanted to achieve computer registrations of the mashinopisy that hand-written letters were not simply squeezed, and would possess also some elegance. And then I thought up and made a special ruler of a dense Whatman paper. Divisions on it corresponded to width of letters of the typewriter (those who do not represent how the typewritten font looked, choose in fonts of the Courier New computer and print with it several lines). Before to print the performed work, I on a single sheet wrote out all foreign words and phrases, then by means of a ruler counted how many signs they borrow, and at the press left the corresponding gaps. Unfortunately, faynlayner oil handles then were. Ink on thin paper crept away therefore it was necessary to paint properly a core with black paste, at the same time watching that it did not smear.

Modest opportunities of the typewriter caused not despondency, and on the contrary - though somehow them to expand aspiration. I emphasized with color felt-tip pens headings and subtitles, put blue or orange circles (than not The Marked " list;!) printed the narrowed quote column, leading round them for descriptive reasons a color framework.

And nevertheless, to stay in the days behind the machine I was not able. Could only print on it in advance written because knock of warranty levers prevented to think. And productivity, of course, was not that that now on the computer. In a day it was possible to print no more than twenty pages. Despite of exercises for hands, fingers all the same hurt, especially little fingers. I remember how more than once I with frenzy latched a black plastic case and sent Lyubava under a table.

And time went. Wise men from IBM and Apple McIntosh continued to improve clumsy computers. So clumsy phrase personal " COMPUTER; it was imperceptibly replaced on personal " computer;. And hardly anyone - that still tried to improve the mechanical typewriters which reached limits of the opportunities (what you will not tell about To Lyubava and other machines of the Soviet production). They were let out still as let out vinyl records and razors with spring plant. But

But typewriters were more durable than the same pagers. Also there are people who still prefer them to computers. I saw one such person about three years ago. On the whatnot became dusty presented to it second-hand the laptop, and this person with inspiration knocked two fingers on keys mechanical Erica . On my offer to work with it work elements on the computer it waved hands: Why to me additional headache? Why to me these strelochka - buttons? One you will press - the devil what appears. On the machine everything is easy and clear. Anything superfluous .

Probably, it is good that all of us are such different