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How it is correct to go in the bus?

the Bus, the trolleybus, a share taxi, the tram or the subway - to each resident of Russia at least once were necessary, it is necessary or it will be necessary to use one of these vehicles. And all know that it not the most pleasant travel. As to behave in transport and what to do that also the road did not seem flour, and another put not to spoil memories of the road?

There are two aspects: concerning ethics and concerning mechanics.

If to look narrowly and become thoughtful, then will turn out that both aspects of safe travel are closely connected and interdependent. Ethics in general only seem elaborate, and rules of etiquette unclear and difficult. Actually any rules of etiquette are developed by the millennia of human life and have quite objective reasons of existence in the basis. Following simple rules, you have every chance to keep both the organism, and the mentality.

In - the first, never stand facing the direction of the movement of the vehicle (i.e. facing a windshield). The mechanics of the movement makes unloading on your stupnyam, only if you stand sideways. Speaking more simply - standing sideways to a windshield, you should apply much less than forces not to fall, than in all others rack poses . Yes, eventually, it is so much easier for other people to make the way by you. In case of special density it is worth rising half-turned. If so there were all - drawing of an arrangement of people would remind the fir-tree received from tires on snow, for example. Mechanically fir-tree is less convenient than when you stand sideways, but is more convenient other options. Advantages fir-trees become visually clear if the vehicle chock, and it is necessary to stand somehow. Unfortunately, these advantages are lost if someone wanted to spit on others and own convenience - and costs as at itself in the middle of a drawing room.

In - the second, always follow rules of a distance. You should not have the bags, hands, outerwear over other people even if you also do not concern them. Of course, in the crowded transport to make it very difficult. But reflect, unless you have the elbows or shoulders in close proximity to the neighbor only when transport is jammed? And unless you apologize for it? It is good if yes. By the way, all manual load should be held in hand, or to put on specially provided shelves. Even if your load has a thong - in transport it is not applicable. Besides just convenience of your fellow travelers it will be easier for you to pass by people and considerably will reduce probability of theft.

In - the third, think where you sit down. Unless you want to risk and remain in uncertainty concerning the potential neighbor? In the same way it is not necessary to force people to be in your society. Of course, there are desperate situations when the question Where to sit down? in general is not necessary. But if the choice exists, observe the principles of ethics - you sit down on a separate seat if you one, and borrow doubled if you two. That it is necessary to give way elderly and to passengers with children a lot of things it is written. But, we will be selfish why you need to give way to them? The answer very simple - to relieve itself of excess problems. Even if you are sure that pangs of conscience concerning the grandmother standing nearby personally will not concern you - it is worth conceding for safety reasons. Neither grandmothers with grandfathers, nor parents with children are simply able to follow rules of mechanics in transport even if they are known to them. Therefore - if not to concede to them - they will constantly fall on sitting or to step them on legs. You in this example - sitting. Give way - it is favorable to all.

By the way, there is a rule and for parents with children. If your child is so small that sitting at you on a lap, does not reach legs a floor, respect the rights of other passengers and their desire to reach at least in that condition of purity in what they sat down in transport. Legs of the child have to touch you and only you. To a window (after you people will sit there and will be soiled about a wall), to the neighbor (because of his desire to be pure), to the forward place (there is a chance and what will be soiled ahead of sitting, and the fact that will soil the vehicle) - legs of the precious child have to be only between your legs even if you for all 100% are sure of their purity.

Of course, it not everything that is possible and would need to be told concerning movement in public transport. But if at least these rules are followed by each of us, unless not the way will become easier and quieter?