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How to forgive treachery of the friend (girlfriend)?

What there is a treachery in general?

Treachery is diverse, it can be covered with searches of the historical truth, economic interests, desire to realize the professional potential at the greatest possible level. And hardly, probably, it is possible to find the person whom someone though once in life did not betray in something. All betray and it is constant! Who in affairs, who just in thoughts − realities of life, the territory of a survival are that, alas.

The friend betrayed the friend. Or the girlfriend betrayed the girlfriend. You considered the friend as the person closest to you, trusted him, shared with him all the secrets, and he took − also betrayed you, all your secrets became much known, or it is even worse − attributed you many bad cases which you did not do at all. It seems, ordinary situation − you will think! Wong Rodingu betray − wow! And that anything

But for someone treachery of the loved one − the real shock, the most mean that exists. Big stress. Such feeling as if you were taken was squeezed out as a rag, later threw on a floor moreover and walked over you.

Treachery of the person close to you nonpluses. You are lost, confused and cannot understand at all why this person − your best friend, your best friend − betrayed you. Means, he was not to you a friend, as in the famous song of Vladimir Vysotsky at all: both not the friend, and not the enemy, and so . True friend − this the one who in any of situations, at any time, in any weather where it was, will come to the rescue who for the sake of you is ready even to give the life. The true friend he will never betray, he can always be trusted.

Of course, surely there will be people who will not agree with the above statement. It also is clear. There are situations in which it is possible to acquit the person because we are people and we can be mistaken. Each of us has certain principles. And precisely nobody is obliged to give life for the sake of someone! Friends − a headache, mass of new problems, everyone should pay attention, something to offer

the truth Here. As they say: First try, then trust . Involuntarily saying of the ancient thinker Aesop occurs: Those for whom you hope can ruin, and those whom you neglect, − to rescue . You begin to understand more sharply how everything is difficult in this world.

Really it is not enough true friends. Why? Because very often because of friendship there is a competition, envy, offense And as a result − problems in relationship, hatred, desire to revenge, make something bad to the person who for you was still yesterday a true friend, the loved one in life.

What to do how to behave that who was betrayed? In this case only the person will be able to help himself.

Before, of course, it is necessary to find forces to leave a depression and to return to that state in which you were earlier.

Not to follow the first rush at all what it is possible to regret very much subsequently about, and it is quiet as it is possible to understand more objectively himself and the reason of the incident. Perhaps you in something are guilty, made something not so? Everything can be.

If true friends on life can seldom be met, then they should be appreciated.

To learn to forgive. There is no guarantee, as you are not mistaken in something, from any mistakes nobody is insured But to forgive − does not mean that to forget everything at all because then we will receive the return action − treachery.

It is impossible to put people close to you in such conditions that they suddenly had to make the choice between fidelity and treachery. It is wrong to think that those who are close to you without fail and always have to give life or just offer something for the sake of you, beautiful and worthy... Here it is important to learn one rule: ability not to put the person in tough rules of the choice also defines ability to be on friendly terms. If you know that your friend is not a fighter, but consciously drag him in a fight for the interests and when he lost heart, the traitor not it, but you strike a pose offended who was betrayed suddenly, then, actually!

Treachery − that on there is the most real check of our humanity, tolerance and the validity. We are betrayed, and we on the contrary − we get stronger! And, in my opinion, a lot of things are told these.