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While without pleasure - about Rada of

Such article it is always difficult to sit down and here it is simple to write. Which time I long go around the computer and, no, I know what to begin with - me just difficult. And then I remind myself that article is necessary for the small child, but the main thing - it will be one more example of how it is possible and it is necessary to fight for life - the and the relatives. Besides, I am sure that at us with the girl Rada everything will turn out because in a different way does not happen.

It is possible to tell that the baby to Rada was lucky to be born at the mother and the father. Renata and Andrey loving each other very much waited for the daughter, they prepared for her arrival to the world, removing troubles and difficulties, a semi-hint wandering around. The people far from medicine but close to science, Maksimenko`s spouses treat any information scrupulously and thoughtfully. Renata - in the past the teacher at biology faculty of university to them. Shevchenko, and further - the city the Slavutich, deep immersion in science together with future spouse in the International radio ecological laboratory To such people you treat with special respect, knowing hard times today`s okolochernobylsky sciences and science in itself .

The long-awaited girl, the most real Rada, was born with a Down syndrome. This diagnosis surprises even doctors as the girl does not approach under stereotypical concept of patients with this illness. The smiling, bright girl is quite developed, child of the Sun it is very tender and sociable. But. This most terrible but - weight of the loving hearts of parents of the baby. At Rada heart disease, fantastic on the complexity, - full arterialno - venous communication with absolute pulmonary hypertensia. If to speak more clear for us, healthy and not physicians, language - Rada has a three-chambered heart. the Child would hardly live

about one year, but in unique cardiac office of the First Children`s hospital of St. Petersburg the girl was tried to be rescued. The doctor V. G. Lyubomudrov performed the most difficult operation after which the difficult rehabilitation period followed. Strong Rada did not allow parents to lose meaning of life, the baby learned and teaches them to courage.

So, Rada year and four months. Finally to create correct heart it needs one more difficult operation. Correction of the three-leaved valve of heart, perhaps, installation of the synthetic valve is necessary. And though there is enough strength of mind both at mother, and at the father, and even, apparently, at the baby, there is one very serious problem. On operation 10 000 dollars, and, in general, happiness are necessary that today there is an opportunity to operate the girl for such small money at ingenious doctors in St. Petersburg, but not for one million dollars, say, in Harvard. The problem is that parents have no money. But not only in it.

Which time, trying to help children, I face some constraint and awkwardness, perhaps. Vot and Renat speaks to me in the letters - a small town, there are no wish to cause pity in people, to us still here to live .

Strange time. Strange relation to each other. I precisely know that there are many people who want and can help those who as the fates decree got to such trouble. All of us are all of us. We at all have troubles, at everyone - the size. And we have to be sure that in time will lend us a shoulder, encouragingly will smile, will nod and will tell: at us everything will turn out.

It has to turn out: we cannot just pass by here such text - to pass by people who hour after an hour, fight for life of the daughter day after day. It is a threefold feat, worthy respect and support.

I think if each of us brings at least the trifle - we together will bring sense and pleasure in existence of both this family, and own.

And then, when Rada will be operated, and, it is sure, she will cope with operation, her heart will begin to knock in a new way. It will already be not one heart, but the whole geniality - many people. And we will surely keep you informed - when we collect the necessary sum when we are going - to St. Petersburg, and how there will take place operation.

Be with us.

It is possible to help Rada Maksimenko, having transferred money into this account:

07100, Ukraine, the Kiev Region, the Slavutich, OShchADBANK 5400/0041, the Code of bank 320122, an account number About / P No. 19902, Maksimenko Renata Aleksandrovna.

Phones: honeycombs. 095 7285958, house. 38 (04479) 27470 - Renata and Andrey Maksimenko.

e - mail: andreymaksimenko@rambler. ru