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You want to become Aybolit for a cat? I sympathize. I Have

one familiar cat, the Persian exterior, but with the Finnish temperament. It only a mouth opened the first two years of the existence. Probably, studied Russian. However, over time, became immoderately talkative on, cat`s. Whether difficult was Russian, whether the managed to master earlier.

He long considers any cat`s business, tries, looks round and only then, maybe, and makes. Sometimes and there is a wish to follow an example of it and not to hurry.

All the five-year life was supported by him two times and is quite serious. It was necessary to treat tablets and mixtures. Here I saw manifestation of east temperament. Probably, he hid it for the time being. I bring chronology of treatment to your attention.

1 - I stack Kot on the bent left hand as child, and I press to myself. Two fingers of the right hand I cover cheeks and gently I press on them. Tablet too in the right hand. As by Kot`s pressing opened a mouth, I put carefully a tablet.

2 - I lift a tablet from a floor. I repeat everything at first.

3 - I throw out a wet tablet and I search for Kot. To Bor from packing a new tablet. A cat again in a cradle of the left hand. At the same time I try to hold forepaws the left hand. I open jaws with a force and I push a tablet the right forefinger. I close to Kot a mouth. I consider to 10.

4 - I get a tablet from a chandelier, and I remove Kot from a case. Urgently I tear off the husband from the TV.

5 - I kneel. The cat - is clamped between knees. Strong I hold lobbies and hinder legs. Diligently I ignore the low growl which is let out by Kot. Tenderly I ask the spouse to hold strong Kot`s head one hand, and the second, by means of a wooden shovel, vigorously to push a tablet into Kot`s throat.

6 - We remove Kot from eaves. I get the following tablet from packing. Accurately I collect the broken figurines and I put then to stick together them.

7 - I wrap Kot in a big towel. I beg the husband to lay down on Kot across that only the head remained free. Quickly I pound a tablet in powder. I force Kot to open a mouth by means of a pencil and, without taking out it, I pour powder.

8 - I read an inscription on packing of tablets to make sure of their harmlessness for the person. I drink coffee not to feel taste of the swallowed medicine. I grease scratch on the husband`s shoulder. I delete blood spots from a carpet with cold water with soap. I remove Kot from a balcony of the neighbor. I get other tablet.

9 - I try to place Kot in a case and to clamp it a door that only the head acted. With a force I open for Kot a mouth, by means of a dessertspoon. I ask the husband to sort a ball pen and to pour the tablet pounded in powder into the handle case (as in a tubule). Vigorously I blow in a mouth to Kot.

10 - The husband brings the screw-driver and puts a case door aside. I put cold to a cheek, and I remember exact date of an inoculation from tetanus. I take off a t-shirt and I put on new.

11 - I cause the Ministry of Emergency Situations to remove Kot from a tree. The husband deals with drivers of cars, quietly finding out which of the audience crashed into a house wall the first not to run over Kot. To Bor last tablet.

12 - I tie forward legs of Kot by a strong rope and I tie to a table leg. I put on gloves. I try to force Kot to open a mouth by means of a small wrench. I push a tablet a flat surface of cut of a key, I hold Kot`s head vertically and I pour in a floor - water liter to wash away a tablet inside.

13 - I ask the husband to bring me to ambulance and I sit quietly while the doctor imposes seams on fingers, the forearm also deletes the tablet remains from the right eye. On the way back I come into shop of furniture, for the sake of interest.

14 - After treatment Kot observed a bed rest. I too.

I very much love the cat. Despite temporary disagreements in our relationship, we understand each other without words. Of course, treatment was not followed by such fanatic actions. Just we wanted to amuse a little you. So everything that I wrote in article, is written with permission and approval of my Persian. And it is better to trust treatment of your animal to experts.