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How to struggle with an allergy in the winter?

Most sharply an allergy are shown in the spring when the trees allocating the mass of pollen in air begin to blossom. All know about it, and got used, to be careful of it in the spring, without noticing displays of an allergy in winter time, writing off even its obvious symptoms for other reasons, for example, on cold. Meanwhile, in the winter we live in extremely uncomfortable environment. All windows and doors are densely closed, the mass of dust indoors accumulates, and house dust is just storage of allergens.

Manifestation of allergenic properties at dust is noticed in the 17th century. It constantly is groundless and if lies, then can shoot up up at the slightest whiff or draft. What is only not present in it! Paper and textile a voloka, hair of animals and hair of people, scales of the insects everyone there cockroaches, but the most terrible that it is habitat of microscopic pincers. They are invisible to an eye, and can be in one gram of dust to several thousand pincers. Small fragments of the died ticks, and, especially, their excrements, are the most powerful allergen. The place of the greatest concentration of pincers are our beds - the place where also we carry out a third of our life in a dream, very closely communicating with these lovely creatures.

But not only pincers cause allergic reactions. Dust is guilty already in itself. Especially it is dangerous if in the house there are pets: cats, dogs, hamsters, parrots. Frankly speaking, it is even dangerous to keep an aquarium, a dry feed for fishes in the house - very strong allergen. I do not speak about cockroaches - dry scales of their chitinous bodies are even more dangerous. Fight with them! Frequent a source of pollen and a mold are house flowers. So from them not only advantage. The most dangerous allergen is the tobacco smoke. While you read this phrase, in the world not less than five people died from a tobacco smoke. The Ministry of Health in vain will not warn. Children are especially sensitive to a tobacco smoke. To 30% of cases of an allergy are provoked by passive smoking.

Development of an illness is promoted by irrational food, an inactive way of life, the wrong use of medicines. From - for all this the person begins to react even to those allergens which existed always, but did not make earlier so depressing impact.

How to fight with them? Remove carpets from a floor and walls are the real accumulators of dust. You carry out damp cleaning more often. Wash clothes at a temperature of 60 - 70 degrees, do not listen to the uncle with new Tayd he will not save you from ticks. Pincers do not maintain not only high, but also low temperature - at 10 degrees they perish. It is desirable that also humidity indoors was not higher than 50%. Very well the vacuum cleaners with special filters (like HEPA filters) washing and steam vacuum cleaners help with fight against pincers. Ordinary vacuum cleaners are ineffective.

What means the medicine for treatment, or at least offers removals of symptoms of an allergy? Long ago such preparations as suprastin, pipolfen, tavegit, a Dimedrol are known, to diazolean. Personally from reception of these preparations uncontrollably pulls me to have a sleep. Is also newer: klaritin, zirtek, kestin. These differ from the first in the bigger duration of action and lack of sleeping pill and other side effects. For treatment of serious and long displays of an allergy surely see a doctor.