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What we spend the life for?

Ya I love you, life,

That in itself and it is not new.

Ya I love you, life,

well, and you me again and again...

( From a song, it seems ) whether

Reflected you, is what is the time spent for toothbrushing for all life? And I did not reflect, and here American (the immigrating Russians) scientists reflected. What they decided, read below.

tired toys

In a dream of people Sleep carries out not less than 25% of the life, and it is huge plenty of time which could be spent for something more reasonable, than dream to drink, for example, beer and to watch football. Of course, there are such people who in a dream of the table of chemical elements see, but these are full individuals. Generally, a dream - it is bad. However if long not to sleep, it is possible to set also horses. It is necessary to thank the lucky stars that we are not gophers who in general sleep 9 months in a year.

today behind the machine two norms otfrezerovat Ya

Here it is valid a riddle! Sometimes it seems that at work we spend the most part of time, here not! Only 20%. So there are no occasions to ask the next holiday from the chief. Run stick rather and give happiness to people around. Work fills life though with some sense, creates illusion that you are necessary and useful to society.

Eat , the sonny, eat

we spend 5% of life For food. On time spent on production of food and tamping of the womb we nearby left the cave men running for mammoths. Shopping, preparation and use... During this time it is just possible to catch up and stop up to death with a stone spear a couple of shaggy elephants. The only justification of food - its need.

Apartment renovation

5% of life leave on repair. Consider how many you spend time for arrangement of the residence. Not less than three years: floors, ceiling, walls, bathroom... Horror! The twentieth part of the life on repair! And it never comes to an end. There is a continuous completion, rebonding of wall-paper, replacements of sockets, change of plinths... It is necessary only to envy bums who just once a week change a bench at the station.

If you want to work as - lay down, have a sleep and everything will pass

Any person of 5% of time measured to it by god respecting himself spends on... of nothing , that is it nothing does the twentieth part of the life. Under this definition viewing of the TV, reading of newspapers, a lasagna on the Internet, etc. gets. While you watch TV, you lose sight all that occurs around, the attention is busy with one source - electronically - a beam tube. And the scandalous twenty fifth shot also presses on a brain, instructs and completely relieves you of need to think. Run to watch TV.

For a week to the second

Every day to the person should go for work, study, wine parties and walks. 10% are spent for all this. People go by the subway, trams buses and cars. We do not forget also about planes, spaceships and other alternative means of transport. And why we go? Behind new linoleum for kitchen? Unambiguously, without it it is impossible.

A I will enter water

You woke up, washed, sat on a toilet bowl with the newspaper, put on and ran for work. In the evening came back home and jumped in a bathtub. Shaved, cleaned teeth, tonsured nails and cleaned ears. Do not forget that to do you it until the end of life. As a result, if you not dirty svintus, on hygiene 5% of your time are spent.


Propagate and breed - the Lord told and took away 5% of life on this business. Just for the hell of it only people and dolphins have sex. It as drug. Just once tried and you cannot live without the portion of an orgasm any more.


Without it it is impossible for . The person has to communicate, the mother the nature so ordered. The deaf-mute you or the blind person, all the same you has to contact to other people, otherwise will die alone on a dump, and nobody will remember you. Even the most reticent spend 10% of life for communication.

Doctor. I will go?

Treatment: 10%. Everything enters this category from purchase of tablets to a trip to sanatorium. You are treated, even when nothing hurts. Renunciation of alcohol in a type of a morning headache - too treatment, namely - refusing something, you are afraid to get sick.

Well, that`s all. Live on all hundred!