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Whether the allergy will ruin human race? There are no

, likely, such illness which would be shown so unexpectedly and from such absolutely ridiculous reasons as an allergy. Cases of emergence of allergic reactions are known from... kisses. Here the young man kisses the beloved and through short time finds in himself rash or cold.

It appears, the girl before it ate a peanut, and the young man had an allergy to this product. There was even a case when mother kissed the kid on a cheek then it was required to carry urgently that to hospital - for the same reason. But you do not hurry to refuse a peanut: in - the first, such cases are very rare, and in - the second, any other nut and in general, almost any foodstuff can be the cause of reaction. Especially often causes an allergy or chocolate, coffee, dairy products, pastries, wheat bran, canned food and soft drinks strengthens. Too you should not refuse kisses hasty.

In any case kisses! The cases of an allergy of women most rare so far to men`s sperm are recorded! If this tendency amplifies, and it is not excluded, there will be a threat to existence of all human race. In order that it did not happen and with you, inform in advance all who are close to you, on products to which you are sensitive.

Substances which are allergens for one people can not influence others in any way. For example, I do not feel any consequences from work with the strong allergens which are a part of color developers at all but from preparations of iodine I can faint. But if any allergen affects the person, then it strengthens reaction and to others, similar. Let`s tell, in the same row there are a train, a camomile, a wormwood, a sunflower. And if the child has an allergy to a train, it is not necessary to bathe him in a camomile or to treat with halvah.

Why one people are unreceptive or a little susceptible to allergens, and others suffer from the whole families from poplar down, synthetic fabrics or wild strawberry? It is all about genetic predisposition to an illness. Predisposition, but not an illness, is descended. If one of parents has this disease, then the probability of developing of an allergy at the child reaches 40%. If both parents are sick - chances of the child to ache increase to 75%.

What can soften, and even prevent display of an allergy at the baby?

First of all - maternal milk. It possesses unique protective properties. It is important that the kid received it as soon as possible. Breast milk significantly increases immunity of the child, and at the same time protects it from manifestation of unexpectedly sharp reaction of immune system to external irritants, that is, from an allergy. It occurs because breast milk contains immunoglobulin A in a large number. Thanks to maternal milk, the child grows and develops much quicker, than his peers on artificial feeding. Unfortunately, newborns are nursed by not all mothers whereas for the kid the maternal milk received at least to six-months age would be medicine for the rest of life. It is proved that the people receiving maternal milk in the childhood by an old age get cancer, diabetes, atherosclerosis less often.

And still if parents have an allergy, the baby needs to be shown to the allergologist surely. And it is necessary to make it as soon as possible. Only the doctor can without danger to life and health of the kid to carry out tests and tests for definition of allergens and purpose of preventive actions for improvement of the child.