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How actually cognac was created?

Speak, the Lord created the person only in order that that created the highest creation - cognac. Adam did not equal hopes, did not create cognac. The Lord long waited, and then arranged the Flood, wiped out mankind, and left for performance of treasured mission of the favourite - Nov. Besides, God arranged so that took out Noah`s Ark to Ararat, mountain where, according to its data, large grapes grew. Process went. Ache mastered winemaking, and since then the mankind practises in improvement of refined drinks. There were millennia, but cognac everything was not. Then God slightly hastened the French wine makers, having sent on them tax specialists.

In 1641 - m in France were increased to year taxes on export of wines. Not to overpay, wine merchants of department Charente decided to reduce the volume of the production, overtaking wine on alcohol, considering that there, at consumers, the concentrated product can be diluted with water, and again to receive wine. Consumers, be not fools, did not begin to dilute fine drink especially as after stay in an oak barrel it was significantly improved, gaining special color, a smell and taste. The center of the province, the city Cognac became the place of storage of distillate in oak barrels. The name of the city passed to drink soon. Also the World Cognac Flood began.

Cognac can be done only in the province Cognac, other similar drinks, call differently: brandy, vinyak, Armagnac. French scrupulously treat this rule, but at us in the country cognac is perceived not as geographical concept, and just as drink type. Because - that at us is in the course the Moldavian, Georgian, Armenian cognac. The last is especially famous. In the country separated from other world by the Iron Curtain, the Armenian cognac was the same standard of quality as, say, massandrovsky wines.

History of the Armenian cognac originates in bible days. Ancient Greek historians Herodotus, Strabon and Xenophon demonstrate that in their times the Armenian wines were excellent. But cognac - not wine. Its technology is much more difficult. Therefore also production of cognac in Armenia began much later - in 1887. The merchant of the first guild Nerses Tairyan based it. Cognac was made, trying not to recede from classical French technology. At the end of H_H of a century Tairyan`s enterprise was sold to the known association L. N. Shustov with sons also began to develop quickly. Having won medals and the highest awards Gran - at Shustov`s firm became the supplier of the imperial yard. And not only. The Yerevan cognacs were delivered more than to forty countries of the world, and used the deserved recognition there.

But how to be with France which did not wish to recognize the Armenian cognacs as cognacs? Already today the problem was resolved with really French grace. French just bought cognac plant with reserves of alcohols, compoundings, technologies and copyright.

After essential investments the building was repaired and the outdated equipment is replaced. The laboratory of plant was re-equipped with the modern equipment and reactants. The Armenian experts had an opportunity to train in France. The compounding, the technological modes and personnel did not begin to be changed, considering that cognac conforms to the highest requirements. French managed to unite achievements of technical progress and tradition. Production of cognac does not suffer vanity. It is based on materials of long-term, and even century endurance. The Armenian cognacs remained, in fact, the same to which we got used the same standard of quality.

In confidence: there is an assumption that global warming is sent on us too grapes of dews are better!