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How not to be snared virtual blagodeyatel ?

Subject The Internet - stains to me it is not new. Experience the arranged sucker quite rich. Those who have own e - mail the address, know that the innocent letters suggesting to pay a little money, to distribute couple of thousands of e-mails then to wait for the huge sum on the Internet - a purse sometimes come. And then you have one problem: to spend it! I believe that any sane person on it will not be moved. Unfortunately, presently on the Internet throw it is more and more. And this figure increases in process of growth of number of the user of a world wide web. In this article I will describe four ways of depriving of money at citizens on the Internet.

First and most popular way: Pyramid . It begins with the fact that to you quite big letter in which at first it is said about how the author of the letter was lucky comes. He, say, only began, but already gains quite good income, and on this income already arranged the apartment, bought the car, bought satellite phone, had a rest at the sea and other. If the author has the imagination, then he thinks out a huge number of options of expenditure of money. Then the letter is asked to read up up to the end because, having refused, you nevermore get such chance to become really rich. Further it is told about the program. The sense can be described several lines. The first - you, doubting and not trusting, you send the unlimited sum to the author, and he sends you the program of the first level which everything does itself . Further, when you will already spend for this program, you are offered to look for the same suckers, as well as you which, in turn, will send you money and will buy this program already from you. And so on level to 6 - 7 - 8. And where earnings?

Way second: Hi from Eliz Williams! . Fortunately, in time understood everything and it was not moved on this Internet - divorce. An essence here in what: the letter in a foreign language from any girl comes. She says that she lives in some country, godforsaken and that it is very unfortunate. Her father who was cruelly killed was known " cone;. Also left it in inheritance $7 million in the largest bank of Europe. And as she lives in " camp; Lovely and honest Black women - she is forbidden to leave. The girl very much asks you to transfer millions to the account, to pay the head of camp that she was released then it will give you 17% from 7 million and will depart to other country. After your consent she says that " bank; The biggest and honest bank which by all means exists - works only with an advance payment. Some insignificant 2000...

Yes. The way is not really popular. Though from one thousand divorced ten - pay!

Way three: Confidential way . More often it happens on specially open websites (free hostings, of course). Write you that the unique way to deceive gaming machines, a casino etc. was found. And now you have a unique chance to buy such way for $5. I do not say that such techniques do not exist. Just I argue as it would be done by everyone. I know the unique technique bringing to me from two - hundred dollars, and from ten - in general piece. Now I will sell this technique for kopeks that someone by means of the elementary imprudence opened this secret, and the hole was patched ? Neeet! I will be better to run in all automatic machines of the city, and in day to cut down one thousand! .

Way number four: Divorce divorced . Most often it is written at forums.

Friends, I read an action recently: send how many you want WMZ on number Zxxxxxxxxxx, and you will receive twice more! I sent 2. Sent me 4! And after repetition to me nothing was sent. Shoot! Do not give in! And you can deceive them in general. Send, for example 50 WMZ, and these fools will send 100. Only repeatedly it is not necessary to send! It is better to make it from several purses! .

Yes, it now all seems very ridiculous and absurd. And millions of people are conducted on it! Perhaps to hvatitspeshit for lung earnings? Money comes hardly, but not in the form of the virtual benefactor.