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How to restore working capacity in 5 minutes?

Exhaustion - a natural result of monotonous, monotonous activity. Unfortunately, work of the majority of us such - long sitting at the computer, work with papers, or on the contrary the whole day standing.

What to do? Let`s remember a remarkable saying: Change of activity is rest , and also favourite school word change . They very precisely show that rest is not the stupid lying in front of the TV practiced by many after day of work, but change of a kind of activity.

But whether often this principle is realized? Judging by my supervision - no. As a result day after day the exhaustion collects, forming a syndrome of chronic fatigue.

Ya I offer you two simple complexes: the first is expected to sit on fans at the computer and workers of brainwork, and the second for those who time should work hard physically. It is desirable to do exercises time at two o`clock, or, at least, in process of obvious need.

I Complex

1. For a start drink a half-glass of pleasantly hot water . Many also do not suspect that they live in a condition of chronic dehydration of an organism since our cages need not tea, coffee, juice and the more so Kok - Coca, and clear water. Whether you know that the brain for 85% consists of water? Whether you know that loss of water in an organism for 2% of body weight leads to feeling of fatigue, 5% - to a faint, 10% - to death from a siccation? So help the body in advance! Hot water promotes activization of exchange processes and decrease in a stress for fatigue.

2. Then put palms " court shoes; also miss all surface of a body - a hand, beginning from fingers, shoulders, the head, a trunk where you will get, legs. It is fine vibration massage which recovers the nervous terminations, accelerates transfer of nervous impulses. Knock with a marigold on back and inside of both palms. It speeds up work of all bodies which are projected on palms.

3. If someone is near, ask it to miss to you a back, and then help it.

4. Take care of a backbone - rise on 2 - 3 cm from a floor, and fall on heels, you will feel slight concussion in a body. In total it is necessary to make no more than 25 - 30 times.

5. Iron all body palms from top to down, from the head, shoulders, a back, on legs - to the finger-tips as though you clean from a body water after a shower.

6. Popleshchite on eyes cold water before emergence of slight gripes, it is very important since. the surface of an eye is dehydrated at long watching. For women with a make-up I can strong advise to narrow eyes on 5 sec., and then quickly to blink during 10 sec.

7. Coordinate work of hemispheres of a brain . This simple practice allows to recover one hemisphere, tired of monotonous work, and to connect to it idle. For this purpose you will need A4 format paper on which you is horizontal, on a ruler, a marker draw two lines a cross - crosswise as the letter X put sideways. Hang up this leaf at the level of eyes, so that it was convenient to you to look at it. Then it is possible not to remove, let hangs and reminds of need to take care of itself.

Looking at this leaf , quietly and deeply breathing, you do only two simple exercises known from physical education classes: - you touch

by the left elbow of the right knee, then the right elbow of the left knee, it is desirable that at the same time the back was a straight line. Such cross movements it is necessary to make on six, only 12. It is possible to do and consider. - you touch

by the left elbow of the left knee, then the right elbow of the right knee, it is desirable that at the same time the back was a straight line. Such parallel movements it is necessary to make also on six.

- Again 12 cross movements;

- 12 More parallel movements;

- and the last 12 cross movements.

All this will take you no more than 1,5 minutes, and you will feel effect in much the freshened-up head at once.

Generally exercise is applied to correction left - and pravopolusharny children. It is taken from applied kinesiology - modern science about a body and based on supervision over babies. If the baby did not pass a crawling stage, it can have problems in collaboration of hemispheres, so, he will not use the potential, working only with a half of a brain. We will apply this knowledge in the preventive purposes to restoration of the coordinated work of a brain.

8. At the end to drink still a half-glass of hot water.

9. To thank and praise itself for care.

The II complex

For those who walk a lot of time, whose fatigue of rather physical plan:

1. To drink hot water.

2. To sit down or lay down so that legs were raised concerning a body. It will provide outflow of a lymph.

3. To close eyes, to make a deep breath and a slow full exhalation, to imagine the clear blue sky and a big white bird who flies highly - highly in the sky. From time to time she makes slow waves wings, and then soars. Just watch its flight and have a rest. Breath is deep, quiet. Relaxation time any, on health.

4. To thank and praise itself for care.

So, we will count time: to Drink

a half-glass of water - 30 sec.

to Miss itself - to Iron 1,5 min.

from top to down - 15 sec.

Falling on heels - 30 sec.

to Blink - 15 sec.

- 1,5 min.

to Drink Exercise for coordination of work of hemispheres a half-glass of water - 30 sec.

Only 5 minutes for itself favourite!

Good luck to you and all the best!