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What is Seven wonders of the world ? The Egyptian pyramids of

the Egyptian pyramids are located among hot sand of the Libyan Desert and last on tens of kilometers from modern Cairo to the Fayumsky channel.

And gained the world fame pyramids which are on an edge of a desert plateau Giza on the suburb of Cairo are the most remained. The largest of them - the pyramid of Khufu better known as pyramid of Cheops, the second Pharaoh of the IV dynasty. It remains the biggest architectural creation of hands human, one of the best-known of " to this day; seven wonders of the world almost completely remained up to now. Originally it rose by 147 meters, but from - for approaches of sand its height decreased to 137 meters. The pyramid consists of two million three hundred thousand cubic blocks of limestone with smoothly ground parties.

The second-large pyramid of Giza constructed for 40 years later of the first belongs to the Pharaoh Hefren - the Pyramid Khafra. It almost does not concede on height to pyramid of Khufu. Though length of the party of its basis - 215 meters, and height is equal to 143 meters, the pyramid Khafra seems even to higher of - for the bigger steepness of slopes.

Near a pyramid the huge figure Big Sfinksa rises and now. Sfinksa nomads - bedouins called Father of awe . Overcoming superstitious horror, they spoiled, destroyed the person Sfinksa. And Europeans were not better. In Sfinksa soldiers of Napoleonic army shot from guns and guns during the Egyptian expedition at the end of the 18th century.

Finishes ensemble of great pyramids of Giza Mikerin (Menkaure`s) pyramid. Its construction, allegedly, was finished in 2505. On volume it times in ten is less than pyramid of Khufu - 108 m in the basis, initial height - 66,5 m (today - 62 m). Menkaur was not able to afford a construction of a bigger pyramid. The country was ruined by construction of pyramids of Khufu and Khafra. Hunger began. The population exhausted with back-breaking toil grumbled. But, despite the smaller sizes, a pyramid Menkaure looks unusually beautifully.

There are many theories for what pyramids were constructed, one of the points of view - pyramids served Pharaohs, according to their religion, as a ladder on which they after the death ascended on the sky. Therefore the most ancient pyramids were step, had the form of ladders. If to agree with this point of view - there is a question why then pyramids which were built later had smooth walls and any signs of lestnichnoobrazny construction?! The answer to this question is still not known.

Following the results of egiptologichesky excavation archeologists counted 80 pyramids, but not all of them reached up to now.

Those that remained still impress us with the grandeur, a magichnost and secret of the emergence and use.