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Why fools in Russia, and roads for them in America?

Fools are also expensive - two Russian troubles. From the point of view of the motorist one is a consequence of another. When roads are constructed foolishly, not each fool will be able to pass on them.

Roads is a quality obvious indicator of life. It that the traditional cup of coffee can be put on a cowl and to cool the American quality of roads on the run. The husband spent two days with a step-ladder on a luggage carrier, and only in the morning the third noticed that it is not attached! On such roads any fool will be able to go.

On the American roads it is difficult to get lost because on a milestone over figure of a distance in kilometers the direction - the North is specified, the South, the West, the East, you needed only to decide on own coordinates and the direction of the movement.

It is less road signs on roads, but they boltlivy. Each sign is accompanied by the text. Our GAI is sure that if you did not read traffic regulations, what the sign designates - itself for you will not guess anything. And their cops are sure that nobody in life will read these traffic regulations, and literacy, probably, is of the first class in the country at the level therefore let will better read. If we have a sign Restriction of speed just figure in a circle, here except figure also Speed limit will write. On the sign Road Bias will draw the machine standing in the direction of a bias or rise. Or Along the road throughout 1 mile there can be " water;. And was! To what our careful GAI officer would come to mind to put a sign about a possible bog ALONG the road... But sign STOP it is obligatory for all. And its violation is punished ruthlessly.

Thanks to it the organization of the movement at the intersections which are not equipped with traffic lights is carried out so: sign Stop from all four parties, and then drivers pass on sequence of approach to the intersection, at all it is not obligatory that on the one hand will pass two cars at once, rather the second will pass three others from the crossed roads. At a low speed of start to run down the pedestrian it is problematic. For our driver this most shocking rule.

There was an impression that their road signs are designed for the driver of any I.Q. and are absolutely unambiguous, i.e. - on traffic safety. Our signs without special serious preparation will not manage to be deciphered therefore drivers, bought the rights, quite naturally cannot know why a cross - it the stop is forbidden, and line on diagonal forbids the parking at all? And as a result - road accident.

Those parts are expensive where taluses are possible, at us are supplied with the signs Rockfall - more country is not responsible for you and if on you something fails - itself is guilty, you were warned! In America there are no signs, but slopes are tightened entirely by the metal gauze. Rare compliance of road signs to a road situation - the sign Deer - and here they. At the same time through that fence which lasts along all road jump elementary. Then in general it is unclear for what this continuous fence along ALL roads, even on almost steep rocks? All this cannot be the private territory because we passed 700 miles both on the mountains, and on the desert - it everywhere! Here, probably, the most profitable production in America, goods, demand for which is always - a barbed wire!

At the multiband movement in the city on the center of the road there is a right-of-way allowing the cars making turn on the left to leave on an additional strip of meters for hundred before turn without hindering the rectilinear movement. And turn to the right in the absence of hindrances is allowed also at a red signal of the traffic light.

About repair of the road you will be warned repeatedly. Already for 100 meters to wons of that dug-out site begin to expose precautionary signs on tripods (like our posters near shops), with an interval about five meters and total number - darkness, from above supplied with the indicator which surely glows in the dark. Are strengthened just by a bag with sand that did not blow off. And at night also the big shining board works with shooters of a detour. Well, it is difficult not to notice! And so fence even then when picked open the sidewalk.

The dividing strip in dark time shines, and it fine lightens mood to the tired driver, there is a feeling that builders of the road wish you a happy and accident-free way! On narrow mountain routes (and two strips are too narrow road for America) each several honeycombs of meters are made pockets that could part quietly Hammer with a trailer, for example.

Road outcomes are numerous also protyazhenna, speeds on Hi - way (high-speed routes) are worthy roads, the transport stream dense therefore if you have no experience of driving in the decent megalopolis, and God forbid language proficiency (for reading of indexes) is not irreproachable - a driver`s extreme is provided even in the most harmless movements. Though it should be noted that courtesy of drivers takes place to be! Nobody on the traffic light or the intersection to you will sifonit in a back if you tarried with start. At technical problems (the wheel lowered) too the help will be offered, most likely. But if you threw out a candy wrapper in a window, and the sign " hangs on the road; Not to litter the driver behind surely on you will knock to the closest policeman.

To go on the American roads it is pleasant and comfortable, and mostly - it is safe! But if it is boring for you - have a rest on the Russian roads.

A joke in a subject: Ask the American who came back from Russia: Whether the Truth that awful are expensive there? . Did not see Roads, but which - where on the jeep can be passed!