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What do you know about Agatha Christie?

Agatha Christie was the brightest and interesting writer of detectives for me. Having tried to find information on her, I found an incalculable number of the interesting facts.

Here that I was struck by most of all: since the early childhood, and to extreme old age Ms. Agatha dreamed the same dream. The same person whom she never in the life saw, fortunately. It dreamed the man with the chopped-off hands and the disfigured face. About herself she called it the Person with the gun or the Person - the murderer - the last not too, however, reasonably because it killed nobody.

She was born in a family, quite unusual to the English measures. Her mother, nee Klara Bomer, came of a good family and in the early childhood was given on education to the aunt whose adopted son, Fred Miller, many years later will become Klara a husband.

Klara and Fred were very different people, and as Agatha considered, it was the reason of their long and successful marriage.

What the girl differed since early years - so it in extraordinary modesty and remarkable English manners. Air in which Agatha Mary Clarissa grew was literally impregnated with love. And, as Agatha remembered then, in her childhood there was no outstanding promise.

Once, parents presented to the girl of a terrier. It, without having told anything, it was developed and ran. Having closed in a toilet, the excited girl clapped herself on cheeks, and repeated: I have a dog! Live dog! . In six years Agatha knew that decent English girls do not show the emotions to people, and hide them from all. Where they hide them - Ms. Agata did not understand therefore the toilet to her seemed the most suitable place.

Agatha Christie, since the childhood, never and anywhere plainly studied, did not get any, strictly speaking, systematic education. After death of the father (then it was only 12 years old) financial affairs of a family came to frustration. In the childhood Agatha diligently studied music, played the piano, perfectly sang. But it was always disturbed by insuperable shyness therefore she managed never and anywhere to play or sing well at people.

All the childhood Agatha dreamed only of one: to become the real English lady. The nurse, in turn, said that it is impossible to become the lady, she should be been born. To Ms. Christie it was very afflicted, however, in vain. Only many years later I understood that to be a lady - it does not mean to wear beautiful dresses, - Agatha remembered many years later. - To be a lady - means quietly and with advantage to accept strokes of bad luck, in process of forces to help those whom you love and not to complain even if it seems that there are no forces " any more;. This lesson is useful to Agatha a lot more time.

On October 12, 1912 she met the love. Archibald Cristi... In a week after their acquaintance it was to be her suitor for the hand. Mother was in confusion: the applicant had neither money, nor situation, nor even life experience, only a pressure and passion! Agatha answered in the affirmative immediately.

Meanwhile World War I began. Ms. Agata began to see off almost all the time in hospital. Helped during operations. Her desperate groom nevertheless became a pilot and was mobilized. Received awards and ranks, and dreamed only of one - about holiday. He received it in December, 1915. Arrived to Agatha. Presented it to the parents. An improbable pressure convinced the local priest to marry them immediately. Without observing any ceremonies, without having warned anybody, they got married then it right there left on the front.

Trying to distract for horrors of war, Agatha returned to the old hobby - literature. I would be engaged in an embroidery, - she ingenuously admitted to mother, - but now war, and it is so difficult to get threads .

The first detective called The Mysterious crime in Staylz Agatha wrote in a drugstore where she mastered pharmaceutics. There she learned to understand poisons, and subsequently poison will become in her detectives the most popular tool of murder. Agatha distributed the manuscript Mysterious crime on publishing houses... But in 1918 war terminated, and Agatha absolutely forgot about destiny of the Belgian detective which is thought up by it.

And then there came 1926, one of the most terrible in Agatha Christie`s life. Mother ached and died. About the brother Monti started talking as about the finished addict. At Agatha troubles with publishers after a release of the novel " begin; The Murder of Roger Ackroyd in which the narration is led on behalf of the murderer, she was accused of violation of canons of the classical detective story. And, at last, Archie declared that he fell in love with other woman and wants divorce.

On December 3 the servant Ms. Christie left with the groom. Having returned, she found the empty house. Where Agatha got to? Searches, interrogations of witnesses began.

Found it in the sanatorium town where she lived under the name of Theresa Neil, went for improving water treatment and absolutely did not remember herself. At a meeting with Archie vaguely remembered him as old acquaintance. Recognized the sister only for the third day. And at all forgot a name of the daughter. All next year she was treated at the best psychiatrists.

After divorce with Archie the wedding with the man followed, is younger than it for 15 years! In 1930 Agatha for the first time acquaints the world with the charming old woman Ms. Marple, having published the novel The Murder at the Vicarage

Agatha Christie just wrote detective stories as well knew people and Wednesday about which wrote. And she created, one may say, own type of the detective novel which it is possible to recognize, perhaps, reference and even classical and of which not one generation of people in many countries of the world becomes engrossed in reading.

Till last days Agatha kept sense of humour and ability to rejoice to each coming day: I love life and I know that even the most heartrending experiences bring in it something good .

It was happy again, having left murders and sufferings to literature. Here only the strange Person - the murderer all is frightened her at the nights....