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What is the affordable housing on - American? Part 2

Availability is directly connected with prosperity, even words are similar.

The fact that America - one-storeyed, still Ilf and Petrov very long time ago told. Yes, down - town, the business center, is in everyone a little - malsk the decent city, but there people work. And live - on the earth which in the cost of housing has the main component.

The cheapest removable housing called by studio allows not to have anything the and to live quite comfortably. It is the small-sized apartment furnished by the most necessary consisting of the room - a bedroom (from the street you get directly to a bedroom), mini-kitchens (the size with wall a case), a bathroom and a kladovochka (in our understanding). The housing of such level usually settles down in two - the three-storyed buildings united in a complex, with the pool in the yard and obligatory spacious parking. Is also two - or three-room apartments of this kind.

In general Americans prefer the certain house to the apartment in the multiroom building. Perhaps, thus they amuse the freedom and preserve themselves against invasion of neighbors into their private life?

More comfortable hired housing, apartment, can be both the usual apartment in an apartment house, and a separate cottage on the type described in the first part. Cottages are territorially integrated and same. Here already landscaping is ordered by the owner, and liberties are not encouraged.

The house of professor of Russian and literature - already three-storyed. The first floor - guest, with a separate exit in a garden (there the Russian mother-in-law usually spends the night). A drawing room with a fireplace, library and a winter garden. Bedrooms of children above. Prosperity of the house is emphasized with parquet floors. Here carpet which is already loved by average Americans is a bad form. Other stuffing at home differs only in quality of household appliances and equipment.

In more luxurious dwelling to me was not succeeded to stay for a while.

The dwelling of the lonely Jewish pensioner - crazy - a house - the hostel, on our concepts. The house is three-storyed, carpets, mirrors, the elevator big and silent everywhere (it is designed for wheelchair invalids). Below the game room (with two computers) and a banquet room where there take place the general celebrations. The apartment (all them 50) on total area almost like ours 2 - x room khrushchyovka for the rest corresponds to criteria affordable housing . Even the lonely person has to have an opportunity to receive guests in a drawing room, and to sleep in the bedroom. Social workers clean up in apartments.

Separate type of cheap housing - mobil - house. It in our representation - the household car. But! Practically everything, described above for the standard house, is applicable also to this view of the dwelling. It is under construction two longitudinal halves transported by lengthy trucks. On the allocated platform with the brought communications (electricity, gas, water) it is put on the facilitated base, connected to communications - and the well-planned multiroom house is ready! Most often they meet on the ranch (the farm our way).

can carry To housing also trailers because many fans of travel live in them. In our understanding - it is tent, the dwelling for the period of travel. But! Again - with water, electricity and the sewerage. And you can stop it only on parking specially allotted for this purpose (as well as to pitch tent, however, because anybody`s earth does not happen there).

Traveling around the western coast, we stopped for spending the night in motels three times, trying to choose option is more economic. Typical motel - two-storeyed P - the figurative building with parking inside (and it is possible also with the pool). The cheapest number has a shower, a toilet, the coffee maker, the iron, two double beds, a wall case, a dresser, the TV, phone. Heating gas, individual in each number. Numbers share on dlyakuryashchy and for non-smoking . And for some reason in all motels Hindus were owners.

Moving uncharged excessive house belongings of the American looks simply: ahead on the car the owner with a family, behind him the truck of the all-American transport company (various capacity) - goes to any point of the country. Concepts single run does not exist because and in the destination this truck continues to work for the all-American owner.

At system it is total available, even persuasive credit to buy housing of a problem does not make, but at the credit for 30 years it is necessary to overpay at least twice. And at any time the unpaid contribution can dispossess you even if 99,9% of cost are paid already. However, it concerns not only housing.

From our Russian remote place can seem that the housing in America entirely such as show in the American movies or was described by me. But remember our fairy tale about three pigs, Nif - Nifa, Naf - Nafa and Nuf - Nufa. And so we, dear fellow countrymen, live as Nuf - Nuf behind brick or timbered walls with the Russian oven, thoroughly. And ours six hundred parts in concepts of many foreigners are the real state! And most of Americans should be content most often with the first two options, straw and twigs .

Whether it is an occasion to be glad for us?!