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What nuances need to be known about the CMTPL?

several years the abbreviation " is familiar to each car owner; CMTPL . How continued to treat well or badly this to an obligation but it exists. Another thing is that the laws regulating the CMTPL are somehow away from the car owner. I also wanted to eliminate this gap in article.

Driving by the persons who are not entered in the policy of the CMTPL. by

concerning this point conduct active debate and what they will end with - it is still unknown therefore we will consider a situation of today. There are two aspects: for traffic police and for insurance company.

For traffic police is violation, and the traffic police officer discharges the driver of driving.

For insurance company: under the Law on the CMTPL the civil liability not only the insurer or persons specified in the contract but also all other lawful owners is insured. That is, lawful driving is considered a main issue (including on the basis of the hand-written power of attorney). In this case insurers have no opportunity to refuse payment to the dissatisfied party. However the insurer in that case acquires the right of regress to guilty of road accident.

Period of validity of the policy ended.

As often it happens - is banal forgot to prolong.

In this case we also deal with two different views on this question:

for traffic police a reference point of the termination of period of validity of the policy is, actually, the date specified in the policy. The expired policy is nullified.

For insurance company: you have exactly a month from the date of the expiration specified in the policy. If within this month you did not show willingness to dissolve the contract of insurance, the policy is considered prolonged, and in case of road accident, insurers will make necessary payments. Upon purchase of the new policy the term of its action will be reduced.

On the first two described facts connected with the CMTPL it would be desirable to note that the specified contradictions between relation insurers and traffic police (and at traffic police it is obvious not in favor of the car owner) can be challenged in a judicial proceeding. Business rather troublesome and ungrateful, but all -

was Left by the policy at home. with

In this case the same norms and rules which are applied in case the driver left at home the registration certificate or the driver`s license work. You are given three hours on bringing the policy to the inspector. At the same time you will get off with the minimum penalty for forgetfulness .

Small accidents.

It is known that the Law provides a number of coefficients when calculating cost of the policy of the CMTPL, and it depends on restriction or, on the contrary, an unlimited circle of people, allowed to management, on quantity of horses under a cowl, a driver`s experience, and also on whether there were last year road accidents because of the driver, or not. And so, if the raising coefficient for perfect road accident it is fixed it is established, then it is absolutely unimportant what damage you caused to other car owner - the uniform coefficient will be applied as at damage in 500 rub, and 120 000 rubles. For this reason in case of small accident it is not recommended to cause traffic police. Count if cheaper to pay 1000 - 2000 rubles, then it is better to make it on the place. The call of traffic police borrowing several hours, hassle in turns of insurance company, the statement and other troubles (by the way, the penalty for perfect road accident also should be paid), and coefficient is too bolshoyudar on your pocket.

There is a policy - everything is all right. Myth or reality? to Responsible for accident should remember

that the insurance company can refuse compensation of damage without appropriate registration of road accident. At accident it is necessary to call the staff of traffic police and it is correct to process all documents.

Anyway, Law on the CMTPL as young the law will undergo still a number of changes. Perhaps, soon it will be really licked into shape, and we will be so quiet and sure, as well as car owners of the western countries. Do not get into accident! Be attentive! And observe traffic regulations!