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What owners of a blood type are more often subject to epidemics?

Who does not remember daring lines of the poet Ivan Nikitin: Our Russian blood on a frost burns! . And if there is no frost, and under legs porridge from a sleet and dirt squelches? And here still a breeze styly, filled with moisture. You will involuntarily reflect: and whether the immune system will be able to sustain all this disgrace? Whether will dump from legs some flu, a SARS or ORZ tomorrow? Of course, there are several folk remedies to bump off a virus on approach to vitals. But vodka, even with pepper, all the same remains vodka, and the tea liter with a lemon and raspberry at one go can strike such blow in kidneys that it will not seem a little. And whether it is possible to spread straws in advance that during falling not to break an edge?

It appears, it is possible. For this purpose it is necessary to know the blood type and how this factor influences reaction to the coming epidemics.

during World War I the German doctors - spouses Girshfeld worked in Macedonia in field hospital. Before blood transfusion wounded the blood type was always defined. And physicians began to notice that among people from certain geographical places this or that blood type prevails.

Subsequently the English geneticist - the hematologist Murant made the atlas of blood types.

So, the I blood type with the highest frequency (more than 40%) is observed in Europe: Ireland, Iceland, England, in the countries of the Scandinavian Peninsula. And in process of advance to the South and Hugo - the East the frequency of this group decreases. In the Asian countries: China, Mongolia, India, Turkey the I group occurs among inhabitants twice less than in the north, in Europe. But increase in frequency of a blood type of B (III) is noted. Indians of the South and North America in all tribes have only one blood type - I. Separated from the Old World, they never had plague. For the first time plague got into America only at the beginning of the 20th century. But smallpox raged with might and main.

Immunologists know that the majority of causative agents of infectious diseases possess anti-genes which are very similar to anti-genes of blood types of the person. Many strains of viruses which cause flu, paraflu, pneumonia and other infectious diseases contain the anti-genes reminding And - an anti-gene of a blood type of the person. Viruses and microbes begin to interact with anti-genes of a human body and, first of all, with anti-genes of blood types. Such relationship has often sad consequences.

Studying of distribution of blood types at the patients with pneumonia allowed to draw a conclusion: the people having the II blood type are predisposed to it. So it is necessary to be owners of this group especially attentive. I Can judge

it not by hearsay. I have just this blood type. Flu knocks down me with a frequency of 1 time in 3 - 4 years, but when it occurs, high temperature within 2 - 3 days does me completely nontransportable.

And now several practical advice for owners of all blood types.

If at you About (the I group): the Occupations capable to strengthen immunity: aerobics, power gymnastics, driving the bicycle. Diet: an obligatory piece of meat, it is desirable beef. From grain: buckwheat, millet, rice. It is better to limit dairy products. As well as potatoes with eggplants. Whenever possible, avoid the use of tangerines, apple and orange juice, sour fruit. The fig and plums are especially useful.

And (II group): the sports demanding heavy wearisome trainings Are contraindicated. Approach: swimming, fast walking, exercises on stretching. Diet: to try to replace meat with fish, chicken, a turkey and other poultry. It is better to limit sausage and meat delicacies. Vegetables have to be on your table every day. To avoid: tomatoes, eggplants, pepper. Refrain from bananas.

In (the III group): Useful occupations: aerobics, tennis, jogging, gymnastic exercises. From grain it is better to give preference to millet and rice, buckwheat is less useful. But dairy products are well acquired. It is necessary to select meat products especially carefully. You should not abuse red (dark) meat: it can cause a syndrome of chronic fatigue, weaken immune system. Chicken meat does not approach: it weakens immunity. All fruit, except pomegranates and a persimmon are useful.

AV (IV group):

From physical exercises: long foot walks, driving the bicycle, swimming. From food buckwheat, wheat, corn not really approach. Replace them with rice and porridge. Eat more fish - a mackerel, a cod, a salmon, a grouper. And here it is better to refuse a flounder. Fresh vegetables (except sweet pepper) and fruit will help to strengthen immunity (except oranges and bananas). Good work of digestion is promoted by lemons.

For all four blood types it is extremely useful to open in the morning and before going to bed a window leaf in the room. At least for 10 - 15 minutes. The stream of fresh air is capable to kill microbes and viruses not worse than onions and garlic.

all Need to wish a good health. Let`s break!