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Whether the fear how it is painted is so terrible?

- What you changed in the life?

- Settings.

Fear At someone for fear heart goes to heels, and someone begins to strain and poigryvat bicepses. Reaction is different, and the essence one - sensation of fear leaves nobody indifferent and quiet. Energy of fear cultivates around people a dense cover of protection.

No matter from what. There is a fear, means we will be protected.

U of whom a cover thin - that is similar to a balloon, the rush of fear forces it to rush about and rise. And who took advantage of the opportunity and created to himself, to darling, a tolstenky cover, more similar to armor, the soccerball reminds. It seems, quietly lies, and and there is a wish to kick on an elastic side.

I if you think that personally it does not concern you, and you Venus or Apollon walk, then has to disappoint you.

Balls we and balls. As its majesty FEAR in everyone since the childhood sits. And they have to jump and fly, by the nature of the rotundity.

Here we also rush on the ground, forcing down each other and punching noses, it is good if not to itself.

Day after day, year after year.

And therefore still we rush what we are afraid to stop - and suddenly? We do not that and not there we run, and?

For the great fear we always do everything, opposite to necessary.

When fear frightens, we begin vigorous activity or, on the contrary, we are stopped. One - quietly and reasonably we stop thinking effect at all.

Fools are lucky only. They know nothing and are not able to be frightened. However, also live - that they not for long in our civilized world. Perhaps somewhere in a boundless virgin solitude. And in the urbanistic world they are placed in special houses, out of harm`s way.

The heaviest fear is a knowledge which frightens. Especially authoritative knowledge. Such authority from science will tell here, for example, that an illness, incurable at you, the person is lovely. What holds big authority speaking, quicker his words kill with that. But Everything is not so simple. These words of the one who is ready to kill himself kill.

Dropped a ball to the small river is sure by

Ya, he is sure, we are sure of correctness of the told words. Also we kick, we kick with the confidence.

A, from where such confidence in the correctness? Yes for fear. For fear to be mistaken. For fear to be guilty. It is a shame - that as!

In the nature there is no fault - there are mistakes, and as them study.

Corrected an error, means was gathered reason. And the fear is dissolved, to the extent of natural rationality. Only it begins to be called in a different way - foresight. And we, just imagine, begin to trust lives, quietly we look forward with confidence that all budetkak is necessary.

- Well and that?! - the reader will exclaim. - What to do - that was fear less?

I do not apply for universality, but I like two ways. Sometimes it turns out to combine them, they are sometimes good in the identity. As the soul demands, and I arrive.

The first way is called FORGIVENESS. If gave the shakes in themselves loads, and release him.

You apologize at it that deprived it of freedom, from ignorance that any energy including fear, on freedom become the friend. And friends are loved. Yes, yes, love.

You apologize to yourself, for the fact that so long held fear and pressed it to insensibility.

Ask forgiveness for the distressful body, for the fact that hurt it and saved up fear to an illness. And all these diseases are connected with intensity, spasms and an issushennost. At whom shoulders do not strain? And heart? The stomach grabs? Continue the list.

It is necessary to ask sincerely, to feeling of ease in soul.

As soon as begins heart to contract for fear, or thoughts of the danger which is often seeming to danger in the head climb, forgive them and release fear.

It is possible to try to see the fear, to mentally imagine it. As it looks as smells, to feel it, mentally, of course.

I have, for example, it in the form of the dachshund shivering on the penetrating cold. Paws are curve, ears clap and scatter in the parties. She looks at me round as she cherries, eyes and jumps, jumps. While I apologize, it changes, more precisely, her behavior too. Will bury a nose in pads, will curl up and will calm down - it and I.

The second way is a replaying of a situation according to the scenario. He assumes at you existence though drops of the creative beginning.

The situation which frightens you needs to be lost as a performance of one actor. With feeling, sincerely and childly honestly believing in what was imagined. The plot can be comical, tragic, a surrealism, at last. It is not important. As a result, you live this situation, as if for fun, and it is absent any more. The cinema came to an end. If there is opportunity - jump and move on a plot as children. If there is no opportunity - represent fingers, paper, a beads, generally everything that is near. Played enough, forgot what all began with and you soar fearlessly further on life.

In search of ways to an obesstrashivaniye of people often postpones the beginning for later, say, when I calm down then I will begin. And it is vain!

the Main sign of mental health, is authenticity, i.e. acceptance of by any.

Well, little fool I, bald, thick and sick in addition, well and that? Here the Archpriest Habakkuk wrote: It is necessary for In total God, both a birdie, and a skotinka . And I, including, am necessary. Also it is necessary such what I am! Otherwise I just would not be!

Here these technicians can help in the most effective way. In addition, when there is an acceptance of the world and acceptance of in this world, everything begins to reciprocate to you around. After Acceptance need to be hooked for fear disappears, you understand?

Many will not believe me, but after Acceptance, every instant lives is endured as perfect. You know that each your step, each action, and the whole world around always were and will be perfect. At you illusion of own imperfection disappears, and game in a horror story does not have the place any more!

Become the fear, represent it, lose it and settle!

If you really accept the world it what it is, you will not be where hungry and angry sharks are found. If sharks also appear, then only to play with you.

By the way, I am sure that in most cases, sharks swam up to the future victims only to look at them and to play with them. And when instead of desire to get acquainted and play sharks see a fright and panic: I am wanted to be bitten and eaten! where to disappear with it? It is necessary to bite and eat these victims, time they created the world with such system of beliefs.

And become the victims of sharks the case when the seaman who dropped out at night overboard of the ship, was forced to float several hours in an environment of sharks Was

. Nothing else remained to it how to send them... to some grandmother

generally, it laid over them as soon as seamen are able. It is live remained.

Power of fear in the fear. And you are free it to change. I wish success.