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What is the affordable housing on - American? Part 1

When we see on TV the tragic reporting on the typhoons and tsunami which blew over America and tore down the incalculable number of houses, we are perplexed - as it is possible? But number of the victims at the same time insignificant. Well - demolished a roof, well beat windows, but why to the basis - that? What they are under construction there of? That`s it the way of construction also allows to avoid the human victims in case of natural cataclysms. It is possible to make idea of typical housing of Americans absolutely according to any Hollywood movie. Here realism absolute.

So, typical American house. One-storeyed, with a small court yard, garage on two cars. The number of rooms are usually one more than number of family members. At the same time bedrooms, as a rule, have the bathroom with a shower or a bathroom. The general room is reported with kitchen, is at the same time both a drawing room, and the dining room, and a hall because in the American house there is no concept corridor from the street you get to a residential zone at once. The desire to change the shoes in slippers does not arise - late, already left tracks, - but it and is not accepted.

The boiler room is in addition obligatory. In America there is no concept the centralized heat supply and the water-heating / heating equipment is an integral part of a house. Therefore there are no problems with hot water and heating, but, besides gas heating, in many houses there are fireplaces or comely potbelly stoves. The conditioner is stationary because without conditioner it is simply impossible to live in the southern states. Counters of the account are taken out on a wall of the building, available to controllers, and exclude control problems.

For the first time the seen sticking-out counters on pipes in the middle of the desert with cactuses threw me in shock - they, perhaps, measure productivity of raw materials for tequila? It appears, no until water, electricity and gas is brought to a site, it cannot be given for building. Later and in the desert Nevada alone sticking out counters did not enter into a stupor any more, there was only a strong wish to look at those potential new settlers - really they SO love heat?

Are most often roofed by a soft roof like scales from roofing material therefore at strong wind the piece of slate cannot depart to free flight. And just asbestos as carcinogen is not used in construction materials.

The deficiency of traditional windows on walls is compensated by windows in a roof. Therefore the room in any part of the house has natural lighting.

Walls and ceilings are built day for two, are the mineral mats fastening to vertical guides and revetted with plaster outside and from within. It is impossible to hammer a nail into such wall. And to fail, walking on an attic, to the first floor - easily. But also it will hardly be able to beat somebody in case of a collapse. The heat-insulating properties are very mediocre when in the winter behind a wall minus, from a bedroom is not much more.

Arrangement of toilet rooms allows to call them rooms. Natural lighting, carpet At an entrance the extract joins together with light therefore the branch of library can be opened absolutely without harm for health.

The most available sexual covering - carpet, carpet our way, cover with it all area of the house except for kitchen. And on it also go, without changing the shoes! To update a situation, we re-stick wall-paper, and they re-make carpet. Wall-paper does not enjoy special popularity, but plaster on walls and a ceiling impressive and technologically simple - at all it is not necessary to try to obtain faultless smoothness of a surface, and the effect of negligence intrigues.

Each bedroom has the huge built-in case in all wall (at us rooms happen less). If it is a wall between two bedrooms, then cases also serve as a wall. About sound insulation in this case the speech does not go though it does not go also in the presence of neighbors and a solid wall. Not only thermal insulation, but also sound insulation of the American walls is very conditional that involuntarily breaks so leleemy them the law privacy (integrity of human beings). Existence of the built-in cases reduces need to be spent for utilitarian furniture to a minimum, and releases vital space.

The integral complete set of kitchen - kitchen cases, a plate, the refrigerator, the dishwasher, the microwave oven - the furnace. Plates differ from ours, the control unit at them from above at a back wall. Speak - and from children well, and not to bend in a pose zyu for setting up the program (probably, and stomachs disturb some). There it is considered that the dishwasher spends less water, and the " offer; to rinse for itself a cup after the " coffee; is considered by owners as inadmissible squandering. Still nonsense, and it is useful - under a kitchen sink where our knee collects any nonsense (like the slid-off Golden Ring) there is an electrogrinder which just in molecules will chop up any garbage which slipped there. Plumbers are free!

Almost each house has a laundry with the automatic car and the dryer. The washed linen on a coat hanger is finally dried right there, on an arm.

The house is adjoined by garage on two cars. Why on two? Because each adult family member is obliged to have the car to be mobile and independent. And if near the house still there is a trailer with the boat, the scooter, a trailer, then here just there live fans of active recreation.

the Territory around the house is a private property for infringement (at least one little finger of a leg) of which the owner can make with you everything that will want, up to a smertoubiystvo, and will be justified!

Thirst for the earth in the absence of need to break beds with onions - a redisochka - parsley, is expressed in especially popular landscaping. And here the imagination knows no limit! And technologies of fight against freedom-loving weeds are fulfilled. And the markets on this subject strike with a variety - from the pebble calibrated by the size and color, plants, small " forms; type of ours Girls with an oar in the American kitschy interpretation, fences, sheds (yes, there sheds are on sale in shop too!) to offers of services of any complexity.

Such quality of affordable housing is absorbed by at least 2/3 budgets of the American family and the category defaulter at once transfers to the category homeless .

About concept " variations; The Affordable housing on - is American I will tell in the second part.